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Customers' testimony nails Hamrun drug dealer
Court & Police 31-08

The court believed the testimony of four witneses who identified 40-year-old Martin Debono of Hamrun as a drug...
Self-confessed drug trafficker jailed for two years, nine months
Court & Police 30-08

The man has also confessed to violating a probation order issued in 2015 which charged him with trafficking se...
Incorrectly issued care order breaches right to fair hearing, argues mother
Court & Police 30-08

A mother of two has raised Constitutional objection after arguing that the care order issued against her is in...
Lawyer set to hold court responsible for disbarred lawyer’s deteriorating condition
Court & Police 29-08

Court-appointed doctor says Patrick Spiteri cannot be held in prison because of the overcrowding, stress and c...
No bail for man accused of harassing partner's ex online
Court & Police 29-08

Magistrate Joe Mifsud observed that incidents of abuse of communication technology were on the increase
Two men, woman accused of assaulting police in Marsa
Court & Police 29-08

Two men and a woman have been remanded in custody on charges of resisting and threatening police officers who ...
Two workers fall height of 9 metres into shaft
Court & Police 29-08

Two workers, aged 23 and 27, suffered injuries after falling into a shaft at a construction site
Updated | Ecstasy, cocaine, magic mushrooms powder and child porn found in Birzebbugia garage
Court & Police 29-08

Police discover drug emporium, child porn inside man's garage after controlled drug delivery • The ma...
Man who breached bail to look for girlfriend’s mobile granted bail again
Court & Police 28-08

A man has been granted bail despite breaching the conditions of a previous release from arrest, on account of ...
Adrian Delia sues Caruana Galizia for the third time over Soho brothel claims
Court & Police 28-08

PN leadership hopeful sues Daphne Caruana Galizia for libel, insisting that the purpose of the blogs was to su...
Threats to share ex’s naked photos land youth in court
Court & Police 27-08

The Mtarfa teenager was placed under probation for two years after he threatened to share naked photos of his ...
70-year-old man is victim of armed robbery in Marsa
Court & Police 27-08

The pensioner was held at gunpoint in a Marsa garage as masked robber demands gold chain
Irish buddies get drunk at Malta wedding, end up in court
Court & Police 27-08

The two Irish men end up in court after coming to blows
Minister’s daughter’s judicial appointment ‘assault on democracy’ NGOs tell PM
National 25-08

NGOs tell Prime Minister appointment of minister’s newly-warranted daughter as Commissioner for Justice ...
‘Impossible to prepare defence from behind bars’, disbarred lawyer complains
Court & Police 25-08

Patrick Spiteri insists he cannot work from his prison cell: 'Everyone smokes there. It’s causing me...