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Update 5 | Brother-in-law charged with double murder

Mario Camilleri 'l-Imniehru' and his son Mario were found dead, partly buried in a field in Qajjenza.

Staff Reporter
18 July 2013, 12:00am
Mario Camilleri Snr (left) and son Mario.
Mario Camilleri Snr (left) and son Mario.

Jason Galea was tonight charged with the murder of his brother-in-law and nephew, less than 24 hours after the discovery of their two bodies.

Galea was accompanied to court under tight security with defence lawyer Joe Giglio, and his relatives.

The man was apprehended earlier today in connection with the double murder of Mario Camilleri and his son, who were found shot dead in a Birzebbugia field.

Senior sources confirmed that Camilleri was shot in the head, while his son recieved 34 stab wounds in total, in a scuffle that ended with him being shot dead.

In an unexpected twist, the police today discovered part of a leg belonging to another cadaver, in the same field where Mario Camilleri 'l-imniehru' and his son Mario were found dead and half-buried, early on Thursday evening at 10:30pm. They were reported missing since Wednesday afternoon.

Two men close to the Camilleri family, residents in Birzebbugia and Valletta, are being held for questioning by the police over yesterday's murder.

Police source said the 21-year-old Mario Camilleri was stabbed repeatedly and then shot a number of times.

Police are still investigating whether the murder was committed in a derelict field on Triq l-Ghannejja, in the Qajjenza area of Birzebbugia.

Upon returning to the scene of the crime this morning, the police found part of a corpse as they were removing soil samples from the crime scene.

Uncomfirmed media reports are suggesting the body could be that belonging to taxi driver Matthew Zahra, 27, of Valletta, who was reported missing on 15 August, 2012. His car was found the next day in Marsaxlokk.

The search for a convicted criminal Mario Camilleri and his son came to an end late last night when the bodies were found in a field in Qajjenza, partly buried in the soil beneath a tree, just a few hours after the two were reported missing. The field, in Triq l-Ghannejja, is near the former gas installation.

The father and son were last seen at their Tal-Ibragg residence on Wednesday afternoon. A police statement said that Camilleri snr drove away in a grey Volkswagen Passat, registration number KBO 079, after having left the St Julian's police station at 11am, while his son was seen driving a red car. The Passat was later found Friday evening in the environs of Hal Far.

The police said they are looking for a grey Peugeot Partner with registration number TMK 117 in connection with the alleged disappearance of the Camilleris.

Camilleri snr was wearing black shirt with short sleeves and blue denim shorts, while his son was wearing a black long-sleeved t-shirt, blue bermuda shorts, and a brown cap.

Police have requested that the public calls telephone number 119 with any information, even on a confidential basis.

Camilleri 'l-Imniehru' is a convicted drug trafficker who was sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment, apart from having been convicted over the bribery that rocked the judiciary in 2002 when then chief justice Noel Arrigo and judge Patrick Vella were arrested by the police.
Il-gurnalista tat-Times fil-video tirrapporta l-kaz tal-Imniehru nahseb jghidulha tal-Imniehirha
George Zammit Montebello
Our society is producing such nasty criminals because what they offer we are demanding it. I watch a lot of UK tv stations and never see such news on any time. Our society is becoming derelict because we forgot the important values. Our god today is hedonism, money, corruption on all levels - all virtues of the d-evil. Pope Francis and Christ of all said: if you are not with God then you are with the evil one. What we sow we reap.
Kenneth Rizzo Naudi
Dawn mhux nies sangisugi,lil ibnu deheb m'ghonqu tah u lil-uliedna droga biex jinqerdu!
Thanks to Incompetence & Bribery within the Justice and the Judiciary appointments, Organized Crime continues to rule and operate freely on this forsaken Island of Malta.
Jesmond Fenech
Kemm ghandu deheb m`ghonqu. Qisu xi statwa milli ghadna Hal Qormi. Meta kont daqsu lanqas biex inhallas te ma kelli.Nirringrazzja j`Alla.
X'rest in peace, may they rot in hell, for ruining our youngsters, with drugs
May they rest in peace. Could somebody be terrified of the Whistleblower's Law?
George Zammit Montebello
How come this convicted felon is back in the streets? I thought he was in jail for the next 15 years. What the h*** is going on in our justice system? NOTE TO THE EDITOR: You can print the word h*** because I find it everyday in CNN blogs. Thanks.
enter to win