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Motorcyclist, pedestrian injured in two separate accidents
Court & Police 17-06

An elderly woman and a 25-year-old motorcyclist were injured in two separate accidents
Woman grievously injured in traffic collision
Court & Police 16-06

The incident happened on Friday afternoon in Valletta Road, Imqabba
PN's extra two seats to stay after Constitutional Court ruling
Court & Police 16-06

'It may well be that the Hon. Farrugia was appointed as a PN candidate... in violation of the party's ...
Footloose beating 'victim' was actually ringleader of violent mob, court rules
Court & Police 16-06

A scuffle that started inside the club descended into a brawl between three Maltese men and two Bulgarians, wi...
Elderly truck driver hospitalised after Valletta accident
Court & Police 16-06

71-year-old truck driver hospitalised after collision in St Mark's Street, Valletta 
Employer fined €8,000 for worker's death in goods lift
Court & Police 16-06

A court-appointed engineer had established that the fatal incident occurred because the deceased had been stru...
Car mirror-smasher given something to reflect on
Court & Police 16-06

The court heard that a 26-year-old man had been so frustrated by his experience at a government department off...
Man critically injured in storey fall in Paceville
Court & Police 16-06

25-year-old Dutch man hospitalised after falling a height of one storey from a Paceville building   
Court orders couple to be refunded for home which turned out to be a warehouse
Court & Police 15-06

After receiving ultility bills referring to their home as a warehouse, the couple inquiried with MEPA to find ...
Marlene Farrugia plays down PD-PN distinction in court
Court & Police 15-06

Marlene Farrugia: 'When people voted, although I was on the PN sheet, they voted for a candidate who endor...
Burglar's getaway driver jailed for eight months
Court & Police 15-06

The man had been accused of complicity in a July 2014 burglary of a house in Mellieha, as well as breaching&nb...
Man suffers grievous injuries in fall
Court & Police 15-06

Painter, 65, suffers grievous injuries after falling off a ladder whilst carrying out works on a residence&rsq...
'Early riser' fined €1,000 for breaching curfew
Court & Police 15-06

The 27-year-old man was spotted in Marsa at around 5am, in breach of his curfew
15-year-old admits to using fake ID to travel to London from Malta
Court & Police 15-06

The teenager was stopped at the airport as he tried to reach London from Malta using a fake Greek ID card
Updated | Motorcyclist suffers minor injuries in Valley Road accident
Court & Police 15-06

Witnesses said that the motorcyclist was not seriously injured in the incident