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ARMS using 'illegal' billing process under EU and local law, court told
Court & Police 08-11

Two consumers have filed a legal challenge against ARMS method of calculating electricity consumption
Man reported missing for four days, according to police
Court & Police 08-11

Hanibal Mohamed Al Mabrouk was last seen in Cospicua on 4 November
Jailed for unlicensed firearm, cleared of using forged banknotes
Court & Police 08-11

The 38-year-old man has been handed a six month prison sentence for carrying an unlicensed firearm
Pregnant woman, partner, handed suspended sentences and EU travel ban for false passport
Court & Police 08-11

Marko Vucinic, 27, and Maja Zdravkovic, 27, both bleaded guilty to falsifying documents and tampering wit...
Thieves jailed for stealing items worth over €5,000 from airport
Court & Police 08-11

Two Romanian nationals have been jailed for 13 months, after being detained by police as they attempted t...
No bail for man who posted Facebook death threats to police officers
Court & Police 08-11

A syrian man, 43, was charged with misuse of electronic communications equipment and threatening inspector Rod...
Freezing order against jeweller to stand, court rules
Court & Police 08-11

George Tabone had been acquitted of accepting stolen jewels but a court ruled his assets could not be unfrozen...
PN accuse electoral commission of acting as both investigator and judge in party financing cases
Court & Police 07-11

The Nationalist party, through lawyer Jason Azzopardi, is arguing that the commission is in breach of the cons...
Appeal on judge’s recusal on money laundering inquiry now in Constitutional Court
Court & Police 07-11

A Constitutional Court is hearing an appeal against a decision by Judge Antonio Mizzi not to recuse himself fr...
Security guard recalls Samurai sword attack: 'He’d have cleaved my head in two'
Court & Police 06-11

Proceedings against Mohamed Ali Ahmed Elmusraty, accused of injuring a bouncer with a Samurai sword are o...
Man arrested for stealing from parked cars just after serving time for the same crime
Court & Police 06-11

Kaled Mukthar Ben Gamhur, from Libya, has appeared in court for the same charges, which he just serv...
Drug trafficker's sentence halved due to court's mistake
Court & Police 06-11

Justin Zahra was convicted of trafficking and conspiracy to traffic cannabis resin in 2007 but his sentence wa...
Seven appeals against Panama inquiries on hold pending Constitutional decision
Court & Police 06-11

Angry exchanges between Party lawyers in court today over an inquiry into the Prime Minister and other high pr...
Russian accused of daughter's murder relieved at dismissal of 'erotic fantasy' theory
Court & Police 03-11

Tamara Gennadievan Boube­kova is accused of the murder of her daughter Kalinina Boube­kova, who was es...
Foreign woman held Philippine man’s passport for extortion
National 03-11

A foreign woman married to a Maltese admitted under police interrogation to having taken the passport of a Phi...