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Homeless man denies stealing from airport shop
Court & Police 22-09

A man, 45, from Georgia was arraigned in court today after being captured on security camera footage, stealing...
Pedestrian grievously injured in accident
Court & Police 22-09

A 70-year-old woman is being treated for injuries sustained after being run-over by a van, this morning
Fgura necklace-snatcher jailed
Court & Police 22-09

A 35-year-old man was jailed for 16 months after pleading guilty to aggravated theft, amongst other charges, w...
Motorcyclist greviously injured in collision in Mellieha
Court & Police 21-09

36-year-old motorcyclist and a 65-year-old driver collided yesterday evening, in the limits of Mellieha
Armed robbery suspect's bail deposit quintupled on prosecutor's appeal
Court & Police 20-09

A 46-year-old man, currently awaiting trial over a 2005 murder, has seen his bail deposit increase fivefold, a...
200 witnesses testify in social security misappropriation sitting
Court & Police 20-09

Around 200 witnesses were summoned to testify in a criminal case, concering Salamander Cleaning Services and t...
Three charged after Marsa drug raid
Court & Police 20-09

Three of the five persons arrested yesterday in a police raid on a stables in Marsa, have been arraigned in co...
Police seize 1kg of material suspected to be heroin
Court & Police 19-09

Five suspects have been remanded in custody after a raid in Marsa which resulted in a shed they were in, ...
Two men charged with separate rapes of two teenage girls
Court & Police 19-09

Two girls, both from Haz-Zabbar, were the victims of rape at the hand of two men who should have been taking c...
Cospicua parish priest embraces pair accused of stealing from his Church
Court & Police 19-09

Criminal proceedings against two persons charged with stealing ornaments and sacred objects from the Church of...
Bar room phone thief, captured on CCTV, pleads guilty
Court & Police 19-09

A Romanian man admitted to stealing a woman’s mobile phone from a bar after being caught on CCTV and arr...
Expert confirms that 70kg Ghadira suspected drug haul was cannabis
Court & Police 19-09

Proceedings against a man and a woman arrested in connection to cannabis resin found on a boat endering G...
Man pleads guilty to carrying knife, pepper spray in Swieqi
Court & Police 18-09

'If you get beaten up, you go to a doctor and to the police. You don’t carry knives around,' Pol...
[WATCH] Delia: ‘The election is over and I am the leader of the PN’
Court & Police 18-09

'The election is over and now I am the leader of the party. I am here to show that as a lawyer I am willin...
PN recusal request: Lawyers make their submissions
Court & Police 18-09

Lawyers representing the seven appellants insist that there is no case for the recusal of Judge Antonio Mizzi ...