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Reckless driver gets 350 hours community work, fined €80 for causing woman’s death
Court & Police 03-03

A man whose driving was described as 'perilous' has been ordered to perform 350 hours of community wor...
Murderer was waiting for Swieqi businessman to come home, evidence suggests
Court & Police 03-03

As police continue to probe the victim’s private life, careful examination of the CCTV footage leads pol...
Closed school ordered to pay former teachers one year's salary
Court & Police 02-03

Teachers said that under union collective agreement, they were entitled to an additional one full year...
Defence raises doubts on Deniro Magri’s connection to Marsa murder
Court & Police 02-03

Court yet to decide whether to grant bail to Deniro Magri, who is pleading self-defence to charge of murder of...
Motorcyclist hospitalised after collision with car
Court & Police 02-03

A woman was hospitalised after being involved in a traffic accident 
Mellieha resident dies in three-storey fall
Court & Police 02-03

The man fell at approximately 7.00pm while he was carrying out works on his roof
Motorcyclist grievously injured in Fgura collision
Court & Police 01-03

A motorcyclist has been hospitalised after he was involved in collision with a car in Fgura
Accounts clerk admits to €369,000 fraud, placed on probation
Court & Police 01-03

A man was placed on probation for three years and ordered to repay his employers, after admitting to defr...
Criminal case against RIU officer accused of beating up motorist set to continue
Court & Police 01-03

A police officer has failed to convince the Constitutional Court that he had suffered several breaches of...
Parents file judicial protest after being denied access to daughter for 80 days
Court & Police 01-03

Parents whose seven-year-old daughter was taken into care on suspicion of sexual abuse have called o...
Prolific Sicilian thief jailed for seven years before deportation
Court & Police 01-03

A prolific Sicilian thief will be deported following his jail sentence, after admitting to 15 thefts in t...
Court shows mercy to mother who cashed falsified cheques to fund child's treatment abroad
Court & Police 01-03

A court has placed a 31-year-old mother on probation for three years and ordered her to refund €4,000 aft...
Motorcyclist suffers grievous injuries in Sliema collision
Court & Police 01-03

A motorcyclist was grievously injured in an accident in Sliema early this morning
Updated | Autopsy confirms David Abela was stabbed to death • Police probe victim’s private life
Court & Police 28-02

An autopsy to determine David Abela's cause of death confirmed that the 51-year-old died as a result of st...
Fine, licence suspension for driver over negligent U-turn that injured biker
Court & Police 28-02

The accident left a biker injured and with a permanent disability, quantified at 8%