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Libel victory for Illum in case filed by former MFA president
Court & Police 02-02

Media houses from overseas, including the BBC's Panorama TV programme, had alleged that money which J...
Man sentenced to 12 months in jail for hammer attack
Court & Police 02-02

A man has been jailed for a year after he pleaded guilty to attacking another with a hammer
Aircraft maintenance company representative found guilty of taking the law into his own hands
Court & Police 01-02

Taking into account the circumstances of the case, its nature and the character of the accused, the court foun...
Nigerian drug trafficker's 2010 sentence to stand despite rights breach
Court & Police 01-02

A court has ruled that a Nigerian man who was jailed for 20 years for importing three kilogrammes of coca...
Bystanders acquitted of ripping off car door and assaulting motorist
Court & Police 01-02

The court ruled that there was insufficient evidence to find the defendants guilty of the charges brought agai...
Speaker’s PAC ruling on oil scandal breached right to non-self incrimination
Court & Police 01-02

A Constitutional court has held that a 2014 ruling by the Speaker of the House, forcing witnesses to testify,&...
Heirs of dockyard asbestos victim awarded €30,000 in moral damages
Court & Police 01-02

Court awards family members €30,000 in moral damages for death of their father, who succumbed to cancer a...
Jose Herrera libel victory confirmed on appeal
Court & Police 31-01

The court of appeal agreed with the first court's reasoning in that the article had barely hinted as to wh...
Motorist held partially responsible for fatally injuring Aldo Moro road jaywalker
Court & Police 31-01

Magistrate Bugeja observed that jurisprudence had established that a third party's contribution to a road ...
1,147 parents charged in Court over children’s truancy
Court & Police 31-01

The number of student absenteeism cases in government schools remains exceptionally large when compared to chu...
Karozzin driver denies multiple armed robbery charges
Court & Police 31-01

A karozzin driver known to police, has been remanded in custody on charges of having committed a number of arm...
Updated | Sliema pensioner requests alcohol rehab after knife attack on ex-partner
Court & Police 31-01

A Sliema pensioner has been handed a suspended sentence after admitting to attacking ...
Italian man grievously injured at Msida residence
Court & Police 30-01

35-year-old discovered suffering serious injuries to his arm by police called to the scene
72-year-old woman seriously injured after collapsing in Cospicua
Court & Police 30-01

Elderly woman is admitted to hospital after collapsing in street due to health issues
Woman, 39, and boy, 4, injured in Qrendi accident
Court & Police 30-01

Woman and boy were injured after the woman lost control of her car in Qrendi