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Green MEPs seek answers on Dalligate in Malta meetings
Dalligate 06-05

José Bové and Bart Staes to meet home affairs minister and Commissioner of Police tomorrow.
European Parliament vice president calls for Kessler resignation
National 04-05

Othmar Karas, the European Parliament’s vice president calls for the resignation of OLAF head Giovanni Kessl...
Gayle Kimberley denies suggesting Zammit multi-million bribe
Court & Police 02-05

Silvio Zammit defence pursues line of questioning implying Gayle Kimberley had suggested €60 million bribe t...
[WATCH] Dalli says European Commission wanted to lift snus ban
Dalligate 01-05

Former Commissioner says EC and OLAF did not question Swedish Match’s motivation and conflict of interest in...
[WATCH] EC confirms Barroso’s advisor first to raise alarm of Swedish Match bribe
National 30-04

Dalli ‘resigned for political reasons, because his position had become politically untenable’ – Commissi...
Dalli investigation ‘biased, partly amateurish’ – MEP rapporteur on OLAF
Dalligate 29-04

NGO says tobacco lobbyist is Barroso’s ‘ethics man’ who informed Commission of Silvio Zammit recording.
European Greens on Dalligate – Barroso must now explain
Dalligate 29-04

Green MEPs say collusion between Philip Morris lobbyist Michel Petite and EC secretary-general Catherine Day ...
Did Kimberley play double game, or did ‘snus’ bait Silvio Zammit to get at Dalli?
Dalligate 28-04

After recording Zammit on 29 March, Swedish Match’s lawyer Frederik Peyron informed Michel Petite, who conta...
Dalligate • How the story unfolded
Dalligate 28-04

Piecing together the interviews carried out by OLAF confirms the bizarre triangle that connects so many person...
Giovanni Kessler - What he told the Attorney General
Dalligate 28-04

17 October 2012 • Kessler writes to Attorney General Peter Grech, stating that there was no direct evidence...
Dalli: the circumstantial evidence in the OLAF report
Dalligate 28-04

OLAF said that at worst, Dalli had breached the Commissioners’ code of conduct by putting at risk the image ...
[READ] The OLAF report - download it here
Dalligate 28-04

Download and read the full OLAF report
REVEALED • Dalligate - the OLAF report
Dalligate 28-04

Silvio Zammit tried his luck with ESTOC and then Swedish Match used Barroso’s former head of the legal s...
MICHEL PETITE In and out through the revolving door
Dalligate 27-04

Former head of EU legal services Michel Petite today serves Philip Morris - Swedish Match’s US partners - th...
Socialist MEPs vote against more transparency on Dalligate
World 17-04

European Parliament approves amendments to OLAF budget discharge in which MEPs express concern on investigatio...