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817 divorces granted since legislation enacted by parliament
National 28-05
Malta marks two-year anniversary since 53% said ‘yes’ in historic divorce referendum.
Church-State agreement review ‘a matter of human rights’ – MP
National 23-04

Right to fair trial not always compatible with how the Church tribunal operates, says Labour MP Deborah Schemb...
Malta with lowest divorce rate in Europe, one year since introduction
National 26-03

New EU demographic data shows 40% of children were born outside marriage in 2011 across 27-member state bloc.
Anti-divorce campaigner appointed Cana Movement president
National 27-12

Stock Exchange director who led anti-divorce campaign is made president of Catholic Church’s marriage instit...
After divorce, separation cases drop by one fifth
National 09-10

Highest rate of applications was filed in October 2011, amounting to 91.
Updated | PN to dump anti-divorce stance
National 18-11

Updated basic principles accepts 'different bonds of families'
[LIVE] Gonzi summons Cabinet, parliamentary group after historic referendum
Divorce Referendum 30-05

Live coverage of Malta's divorce referendum | 53% say yes in Malta's historic divorce referendum. Ma...
[DOWNLOAD] MaltaToday's newsstand poster for the divorce referendum result
Divorce Referendum 30-05

A slice of history in portable document format...
[SLIDESHOW] Inside the counting hall
Divorce Referendum 29-05

Pictures from Ray Attard, Mariza Dunham Gaspar, and the DOI of Malta voting in a historic referendum on divo...
Green party welcomes referendum result
Divorce Referendum 29-05

AD effectively set the ball rolling for divorce by presenting MPs with a blueprint.
Moviment Graffiti welcomes win of ‘Yes’ vote
Divorce Referendum 29-05

Moviment Graffiti has welcomed the results of the divorce referendum and called on Members of Parliament to ...
Labour MPs will pose ‘no problem’ to divorce bill, says Muscat
Divorce Referendum 29-05

Labour Leader Joseph Muscat was non committal on whether Labour MPs will enjoy a free vote ov...
‘We are as European as we were yesterday, but today we recognised it’ – Deborah Schembri
Divorce Referendum 29-05

“We are as European as we were yesterday … but today we’ve recognised what we are,”...
Divorce referendum voting kicks off
Divorce Referendum 28-05

Archbishop Paul Cremona was among the first to cast his vote this morning on whether Malta should ...
[SLIDESHOW] Malta votes on divorce
Divorce Referendum 28-05

Pictures from Ray Attard, Mariza Dunham Gaspar, and the DOI of Malta voting in a historic referendum on divo...
After Bishops' '10pm apology', Iva asks for extended voting time
Divorce Referendum 28-05

Updated: Curia makes formal complaint against MaltaToday to Electoral Commission.