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Labour government to introduce civil unions for same sex couples

Second Labour proposal is the enactment of law regulating the identification of transgender individuals.

Miriam Dalli
12 January 2013, 12:00am
Labour leader Joseph Muscat.
Labour leader Joseph Muscat.

Labour leader Joseph Muscat pledged that a Labour governent would introduce the right of civil union for same sex couples while also enacting a law regulating the identification of transgender persons.

Speaking at a 'Malta for us too' [Malta taghna wkoll] seminar organised by LGBT Labour, Muscat also said that a member of a Labour Cabinet would be appointed to specifically focus on equality and civil rights. He said that this person's role would be to push forward civil rights and equality.

"40 years ago, a Labour government decriminalised homosexuality. I think it is high time that we introduce more civil rights because we truly want a society that belongs to all," Muscat said.

The Labour leader said that the proposed civil union would be one that reflected "the relationship shared between a couple who loved each other and not a relationship between siblings".

He said that a future Labour government would be doing this out of conviction and not out of political convenience.

"If you ask me whether it will attract or repel votes, I honestly wouldn't know what to reply. But for me it stops here. Because other than introducing this right, it doesn't concern me."

Muscat also pledged to forward a gender identity bill to rectify issues that the transgender community continuously faced.

A Labour government would also set up a consultative council, which would include the participation of NGOs, that government would consult with on LGBT and equality issues.

"We are committed to work to bring about change. One word that irritates me the most is 'tollerance', as if this is an issue of tolerating someone or something, as if one is a nuisance. This is a matter of rights," he said.

Muscat said that campaigns against homophobia would also form part of Labour's work, but it will go beyond. One proposal is to broaden the remit of the Employment Commission to cover discrimination by sexual orientation and also to sign Protocol 12 the European Convention of Human Rights, which prohibits discrimination on various grounds.
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Joseph Borg
Have you not yet discovered that you were born out of a woman, who had sex with a man !That is nature, and you are trying to go against it !! If you cannot make love to the opposite sex, then you have something missing, you are a handicapped person, unfortunately, and you need, and deserve, medical attention ! ! As you say, you are against medical research ! It is most unfortunate, that MEPs and other politicians have given us the impression, that being queer is a natural thing ! They have never explored medical research ! That is what you need, not the so called rights !
Christina Barbara are pulling our leg right ??? And where exactly did you hear or read about this "medical research" you talk about exactly ??? Are you aware it does not exist, it never did and it never will ? Do you even know being gay is not a condition (as you call it) ? Probably not. People like you fit very well in the Gonzi movement dear Serracin.
Joseph Borg
Gay marriage is the destruction of society ! The destruction of a natural social order. I was considering voting labour, now NO !! I would have expected PL to promote medical research to revers their QUEER, Gay condition , rather than give them, the so called rights ! As expected, our Archbishop will remain silent on this issue, because he ( or rather his adviser ) fears a new church- PL conflict!
Nikki Petroni
How's that for Diversity in Action! ... Not exactly a vote-catcher these words -- but all the more credible! ... What a difference to the PN that stole the rainbow colours from the LGBT movement and tries to monopolize the word 'diversity' without then having the guts to mention gays by name! ... Well done Dr Muscat! You are can walk with your head held high and be proud of yourself! I am proud of you and would wish nothing more than for you to be the leader of our new Malta! ... VIVA MALTA TAGHNA LKOLL!!!
Christina Barbara
Very well done Dr.Muscat!
Well done Joseph Muscat, Well done Labour, I think that it is a civil right to have civil unions for same sex couples. Truly, LP is the party to vote for, truly Joseph Muscat is credible and is to be trusted.
Janice Sant
Now its the time for gays to stand up and be counted! I am straight, but I do believe that only the progressive party -Labour -as history has shown- can bring about the necessary reforms for full civil rights for all its citizens. Gays in the US are still debating this issue; in Malta, if all goes well -you will have these rights enshrined in our laws before many other 'progressive' and 'liberal' countries in Europe Be part of the change you deserve: vote for change :vote Muscat and Labour!
About time that we are taking care about the minorities in our society.