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Muscat’s ‘wall’ on migration: 8 key takeaways from his speech to MEPs
Europe 07:50

The former MEP left Brussels to become Labour leader in 2008. Now he addresses the plenary again as Prime Minister as Malta takes the helm of the EU presidency

‘My position on Panamagate has changed’, new EP President admits
Europe 14:11

Joseph Muscat defends minister Konrad Mizzi: 'He is under my direct supervision now'
Updated | Muscat refutes criticism on EU-Libya migrant deal: ‘There is no perfect solution’
Europe 18-01

Unless the essence of the EU-Turkey deal is replicated in the central Mediterranean, then Europe will face ano...
Konrad Mizzi ‘the antithesis of EU values’, David Casa tells MEPs
Europe 18-01

PN MEP David Casa says Konrad Mizzi the 'antithesis' of European values, Green MEP Sven Giegold questi...
Tajani beats Pittella to become new European Parliament president
Europe 18-01

 Seven candidates – three Italians, two Belgians, one Brit and one Romanian – participated in...
Malta wants EU-Libyan patrols to stop boat migrants
Europe 18-01

Maltese government presents EU ministers with ‘non-paper’ to discuss placing EU guards outside Lib...
Theresa May to confirm UK exit from EU single market
Europe 17-01

The UK will not retain 'partial' membership of the EU once it leaves, Theresa May will say in her...
German MEP in spat with Edward Scicluna over tax avodiance report
Europe 17-01

Panama Papers MEPs have requested an exchange of views with Edward Scicluna
Lithuania to build fence on border with Russia’s Kalinigrad
Europe 16-01

Border fence with Russian exclave of Kalinigrad set to cost €30 million, majority of which...
‘The EU will stick together,’ Mogherini says as Trump takes another swipe at Europe
Europe 16-01

Donald Trump has not yet been sworn in office and has already managed to ruffle the EU leader’s feathers...
George Vella casts doubt on EU-Libya migration deal
National 16-01

George Vella warns that striking a deal with Libya – the main passageway for asylum seekers – will...
Eight migrants die as boat capsizes off Libyan coast, 17-year-old medically evacuated to Malta
Europe 15-01

Italian coastguard: At least eight migrants died when their boat overturned off the coast of Libya on Saturday...
Dutch minister calls for EU freedom of movement reform
Europe 14-01

Dutch Deputy PM Lodewijk Asscher warns that free movement has 'become synonymous with a race to the b...
Wasteserv and ERA to develop landfill management policy in €14 million EU project
Europe 13-01

Waste management operator Wasteserv and the Environment and Resource Authority will be joining six other partn...
[WATCH] Minister refutes charges that Malta is tax haven: ‘We must stop feeling guilty about tax competitiveness’
National 13-01

Finance minister insists that tax competitiveness does not make a country a tax haven 
Social media should be used to implement counter-terrorist techniques, Marlene Mizzi says
Europe 13-01

MEP Marlene Mizzi outlined regional frameworks and cooperation with IT companies to minimise the reach and eff...