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Austria may see far-right in government
Europe 16-10

Sebastian Kurz from the Conservative People's Party is set to become the world’s youngest leader but the 31-year-old may have to govern with the far-right Freedom Party, which is poised to clinch second place in Austria's snap election

Sant warns against EU federalism: ‘Small member states’ voice will be silenced’
Europe 07-10

Former prime minister and Labour MEP says Malta faces major dilemma with greater EU control
Labour MEP calls for Europol action on online child abuse
Europe 04-10

The report called on Europol and member states to employ white hat hackers, computer security experts who hack...
Carmelo Abela condemns violence in Spain, but Malta will respect court’s decision
Europe 04-10

Malta follows the European Commission’s approach of regarding the independence referendum an internal ma...
EU affairs secretary sets out Labour vision for ‘21st century social dialogue’
Europe 25-09

Aaron Farrugia to set out plans for dialogue with social partners for long-term goals
Malta the only EU country to fulfill asylum relocation quota
National 25-09

Member States fulfill just 28.7% of the relocation target whilst Malta is the only country to meet the 131 quo...
Theresa May calls for trade transition period after Brexit
Europe 22-09

The UK Prime Minister said that after the leaving the EU, trade should continue on the current terms for a fur...
Alfred Sant requests European Commission action on Ryanair flight cancellations
Europe 20-09

The airline has told some 400,000 passengers that their flight have been cancelled following a pilot rostering...
Għaqda Każini tal-Banda wins 2017 European Citizens' Prize
Europe 16-09

First awarded in 2008, the European Citizens' Prize has recognised projects and initiatives that prom...
10 key takeaways from Juncker’s State of the Union speech
Europe 13-09

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker today delivered his 2017 State of the Union address, present...
EU will ‘move on’ from Brexit, says Juncker in state of union speech
Europe 13-09

European commission president says the UK’s departure is tragic and Nigel Farage will regret it, but the...
State of the Union debate: shaping the future of the EU
Europe 13-09

In the presence of all commissioners, the House will discuss ways forward to shape the future of a strong Euro...
Dalli and Metsola are Malta’s most influential MEPs, new ranking confirms
Europe 13-09

Votewatch ranking of most influential members says Malta’s MEPs are punching above their weight
Updated | Alfred Sant abstains in EP vote approving Busuttil’s nomination to EU panel
Europe 12-09

Head of PL delegation to the European Parliament Alfred Sant did not take part in a vote approving Simon Busut...
Under threat of EU closure, Malta not ruling out new trapping season
Europe 12-09

The re-opening of the trapping season in Malta has not yet been ruled out, but could soon be outlawed by the E...
Mizzi calls for lower international phone calls charge
Europe 07-09

Labour MEP: Roaming was a great political victory but it’s time to move towards a single telecoms market...