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EU starts legal action against Poland over new law
Europe 16-08

Poland protests against European Commission's interference saying EU's fears about its court reform ar...
Britain seeks Brexit without borders for Northern Ireland
Europe 16-08

The British government has said it does not want any border posts between Northern Ireland and the Republic of...
German judges refer ECB lawsuit to European court
Europe 15-08

The European Central Bank faces a legal challenge over its €2 trillion quantitative easing programme afte...
UK suggests 'temporary customs union' with EU, new trade deals post-Brexit
Europe 15-08

The UK sets out the ‘ambitious new customs arrangement’ it wants to secure with the EU after ...
Updated | Spendthrift EU Commissioners, but Maltese Karmenu Vella bucks the trend on air taxis
Europe 10-08

Maltese Commissioner Karmenu Vella has spent far less than the average on the air taxi expenses revealed in a ...
Spain will not 'jeopardise' Brexit deal to recover Gibraltar
Europe 09-08

Spain will not 'endanger' the UK’s Brexit deal by forcing a change of Gibraltar’...
Brexit Booty: Cities bidding for EU’s meds agency show off architectural ‘finery’
Europe 09-08

It’s stiff competition between 19 member states
Downing Street denies UK willing to pay €40 billion Brexit divorce bill
Europe 07-08

Downing Street has dismissed the idea of paying a Brexit divorce bill of up to €40 billion, as ...
Brexit: Free movement with EU will end in March 2019
Europe 31-07

Free movement of people between Britain and the European Union will end in March 2019 when Britain leaves the ...
Malta launches bid to host European Medicines Agency headquarters
National 28-07

A total of 20 EU Member States have also launched their bids to be host country of the European Medicines Agen...
‘I’m starting to believe Brexit might not happen,’ Muscat tells Dutch newspaper
Europe 27-07

In an interview with Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says he is seeing ‘hope...
Italy’s code of conduct for refugee rescue ships ‘threatens thousands of lives’, charities warn
Europe 27-07

Warning comes after more than 2,300 asylum seekers drowned trying to reach Europe in 2017 so far
Top EU court's adviser dismisses Slovakia, Hungary refugee challenge
Europe 26-07

The top EU court's adviser said that a case brought by Slovakia and Hungary challenging the obligatory rel...
EU-Turkey talks fail to ease friction over detentions
Europe 26-07

High-level talks between EU officials and Turkey's foreign minister did not appear to ease tensions betwee...
Simon Busuttil 'is being arraigned', David Casa tells EU
National 25-07

Head of PN delegation to the European Parliament sends open letter to the European Commission and says that Si...