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Top foreign diplomats to join rival leaders in Cyprus reunification talks
Europe 12-01

British, Greek and Turkish foreign ministers will discuss security issues regarding Cyprus in Geneva as hopes ...
EU should speak the language of the people, Muscat insists
National 11-01

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says the European project could be saved from the rise of populism and ex...
[WATCH] Busuttil tells Juncker: Maltese disappointed Brussels ignored Panamagate
Europe 11-01

PN leader pours cold water over European Commission's apparent unwillingness to chastise Maltese governmen...
[WATCH] Inequality is malaise feeding nationalists in Europe, Muscat says
Europe 11-01

Joseph Muscat: 'We should stop blaming people and instead tackle the malaise that's a result of an une...
Malta’s presidency will be rooted in reality, Muscat tells Juncker
Europe 11-01

'We want Malta’s presidency to be as close as possible to the people,' Prime Minister tells Euro...
EU leaders in Malta for inauguration marking Maltese EU presidency
Europe 11-01

Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Juncker in Malta for inaugural speeches marking the beginning of the 2017 Mal...
European Greens accuse Malta of being tax haven as it takes EU helm
Europe 11-01

Panama Papers committee MEP Sven Giegold: “Malta is a tax haven, this is completely unacceptable and rai...
Expert: Panama MEPs should focus on money laundering rules breach
Europe 11-01

A preparatory document for MEPs of the Panama Papers committee of inquiry has suggested that the committee&rsq...
‘You have lost the plot’ - PN MEPs strike back at EU socialist head’s Mallia criticism
Europe 10-01

'Who are you trying to fool by linking the PN to Adolf Hitler?' - PN MEP David Casa rebukes Europ...
Ukip's EU funding at risk after M5S votes to quit Nigel Farage's Brussels group
Europe 10-01

Members of Italy’s populist Five Star Movement have voted overwhelmingly to sever ties with Ni...
Hard Brexit is not inevitable, May says
Europe 10-01

British Prime Minister Theresa May has said the media were responsible for a slump in the value of the po...
European socialists demand action against Mallia’s ‘progressive Hitler’ comment
Europe 09-01

The European socialists are ‘horrified’ by Salvu Mallia’s choice of words to describe the in...
Founder of Italy's Five Star Movement proposes divorce from Ukip in EU parliament
Europe 09-01

Italy's Five Star Movement should cut ties with the anti-European Union UK Independence Party and con...
UK risks Brexit ‘catastrophe’, Canadian trade expert warns
Europe 08-01

Former EU ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers ‘absolutely right to say replacement deal may take a decade to sort...
Church urges Maltese Presidency to prioritise EU values, migration and energy efficiency
National 06-01

‘A return to the values of the founding fathers of the European Union’ must be a top objective of ...