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[WATCH] Brexit Minister: ‘We don’t expect UK and EU to punish each other’
National 23-01

UK minister says he finds it hard to believe that Malta and the UK won't be able to reach a mutually-benef...
‘It’s all small island talk: Konrad’s got nothing to do with the way Panama is discussed internally’ | Alfred Sant
National 23-01

Ask the MEP • From Panama Papers to migration, to Europe's relationship with Russia: Labour MEP Alfre...
Benoît Hamon takes lead in France’s Socialist primary
Europe 23-01

French socialist outsider Benoît Hamon gained new ground in the leftwing presidential primaries on ...
Malta’s ‘Libya deal’ to push EU border south
National 22-01

Government pushing for EU deal to process asylum seekers in Algeria or Egypt
Nine persons rescued from Rigopiano hotel, 15 remain missing
Europe 21-01

At least 15 people are still missing after an avalanche destroyed an Italy hotel three days ago
Better mobile connectivity across Europe: Council confirms 700 MHz deal
Europe 20-01

EU ambassadors endorse 700MHz deal concluded with European Parliament • ‘Today’s decision mea...
Theresa May vows UK will not withdraw from global trade, hails UK as 'foreign investment hub'
Europe 19-01

UK Prime Minister Theresa May insisted that Britain would remain 'open for business' de...
Muscat’s ‘wall’ on migration: 8 key takeaways from his speech to MEPs
Europe 19-01

The former MEP left Brussels to become Labour leader in 2008. Now he addresses the plenary again as Prime Mini...
‘My position on Panamagate has changed’, new EP President admits
Europe 18-01

Joseph Muscat defends minister Konrad Mizzi: 'He is under my direct supervision now'
Updated | Muscat refutes criticism on EU-Libya migrant deal: ‘There is no perfect solution’
Europe 18-01

Unless the essence of the EU-Turkey deal is replicated in the central Mediterranean, then Europe will face ano...
Konrad Mizzi ‘the antithesis of EU values’, David Casa tells MEPs
Europe 18-01

PN MEP David Casa says Konrad Mizzi the 'antithesis' of European values, Green MEP Sven Giegold questi...
Tajani beats Pittella to become new European Parliament president
Europe 18-01

 Seven candidates – three Italians, two Belgians, one Brit and one Romanian – participated in...
Malta wants EU-Libyan patrols to stop boat migrants
Europe 18-01

Maltese government presents EU ministers with ‘non-paper’ to discuss placing EU guards outside Lib...
Theresa May to confirm UK exit from EU single market
Europe 17-01

The UK will not retain 'partial' membership of the EU once it leaves, Theresa May will say in her...
German MEP in spat with Edward Scicluna over tax avodiance report
Europe 17-01

Panama Papers MEPs have requested an exchange of views with Edward Scicluna