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EU cross-border tax rulings now automatically shared between states
Europe 04-01

Information on cross-border tax rulings issued within the European Union will now be automatically shared betw...
In 2017 | The Russian bear overshadows European security concerns
Europe 04-01

Next year could likely see the issue of defence spending and NATO’s ‘free rider’ problem put...
In 2017 | The EU at a crossroads, paying the price for its speedy enlargement
Europe 03-01

At a time of economic and social turbulence, the EU is paying the price for having enlarged and deepened its s...
EU referendum plan re-emerges in Iceland
Europe 02-01

EU referendum emerges as an important factor in ongoing negotiations in Iceland to form a new coalition govern...
2,500 journalists welcomed... to EU presidency billboard’s spelling error
Europe 30-12

Malta caught in embarrassing PR blooper two days before it takes up the EU presidency 
Activists start long march from Berlin to Aleppo
Europe 26-12

'It’s time to act. We can’t sit in front of our laptops and do nothing...We are going to Alepp...
[WATCH] Money laundering and European prosecutor's office among priorities of Justice Council presidency
Europe 22-12

Justice minister Owen Bonnici meets counterparts from Luxembourg and the Netherlands for informal talks ahead ...
Brussels proposes zero VAT on €10,000 sales between businesses
Europe 21-12

Sales between businesses of more than €10,000 could be invoiced free of VAT, with only the final consumer...
Updated | Scotland wants EU market access, proposes second UK independence referendum
Europe 20-12

Scotland wants to maintain access to the European Union’s single market after the UK leaves the bloc, an...
Apple appeals against EU Irish tax ruling
Europe 19-12

Apple has argued that the European Commission ignored tax experts and corporate law, and that it singled out t...
Five Star Movement strips Rome mayor of 'important decisions'
Europe 19-12

Beppe Grillo’s populist party acts swiftly by stripping Rome mayor Virginia Raggi of the power to make &...
President invites Pope Francis to visit Malta during EU presidency
National 17-12

Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca has invited the Pontiff to visit Malta during the six-month Presidency of the Europ...
EU citizens mostly petition parliament on environment, justice matters
Europe 16-12

Citizens turn to the European Parliament’s petition committee to voice their concerns on matters relatin...
Three suspects arraigned before judges in relation to Nice attack
Europe 16-12

Three men suspected of having played a role in supplying arms to the assailant behind the 14 July attack in Ni...
Migration and central Mediterranean focus of EU leaders’ summit
Europe 16-12

The heads of government of the 28 EU member states agree to shift their focus onto the central Mediterranean i...