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EU agrees on approach to Brexit talks
Europe 16-12

European Union leaders agreed on their plan for Brexit negotiations, pledging to move swiftly and to ensure Br...
[WATCH] EU-Turkey agreement to be replicated in Mediterranean – Joseph Muscat
Europe 15-12

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says that the EU will focus on the central Mediterranean in the next lead...
Denmark to forge new security ties with EU after leaving Europol in May 2017
Europe 15-12

Meeting between Denmark and the presidents of the European Council and the European Commission lays ground for...
EU, IOM launch joint initiative for migrant protection, reintegration in Africa
Europe 15-12

International Organisation for Migration teams up with European Union to improve data collection whilst launch...
[WATCH] European Council summit to discuss Brexit negotiations, without UK
Europe 15-12

British Prime Minister Theresa May will not be attending a working dinner with other heads of states of the EU...
[WATCH] Muscat confident Malta's close relationship with Italy to continue under Paolo Gentiloni
Europe 15-12

Maltese Prime Minister says Malta's close relationship with Italy will continue under Paolo Gentiloni'...
Migration, security focus of last EU Council summit before Maltese presidency
Europe 15-12

The heads of state or government of the 27 EU member states are meeting in Brussels today to discuss migration...
May to brief Brussels as EU prepares for Brexit talks
Europe 15-12

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will update Britain's partners in Brussels on Thursday on her plans to launc...
New EU law to slash air pollution effects in half
Europe 14-12

The European Parliament and the European Council signed into law a Directive, obliging member states to produc...
[ANALYSIS] Italy: After Brexit and Trump… Renzixit?
Europe 14-12

Has Matteo Renzi’s loss in the Italian referendum written another chapter in a global ‘anti-establ...
EU and Mali sign deal to deport failed asylum seekers
Europe 12-12

EU will provide millions of euro in aid to Mali in return for the West African country's commitment to acc...
‘Renzi’s avatar’ Gentiloni to form new government in Italy
Europe 12-12

Italy president Sergio Matterella selects foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni to form a new government • Ant...
‘UK government facing new court case to derail Brexit’
Europe 11-12

Report in The Sunday Times says UK government will face fresh legal action in an effort by Brexit opponents to...
Italian foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni to be named Prime Minister
Europe 11-12

Italian foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni asked by president Sergio Mattarella to replace Matteo Renzi as Italy...
Drug-resistant infections persist across Europe: Commission to draft new action plan
Europe 10-12

A five-year-old plan action plan on antimicrobial resistance provided political stimulus across member states,...