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Malta against proposed EU introduction of swordfish quotas
Europe 10-10

Roderick Galdes says that the Maltese fleet should not suffer the consequences of past illegal fishing by othe...
Sant urges clarity from EU over financial implications of Brexit
Europe 08-10

Labour MEP warns that the EU's income will suffer a sizeable knock following Brexit, questions how such a ...
Brexit according to Paxman: peasants’ revolt against political elite
National 07-10

BBC2’s Newsnight former presenter Jeremy Paxman says Donald Trump’s popularity down to ‘peop...
Timmermans: EU to forge ahead despite Hungary’s migration referendum result
Europe 06-10

The first vice-president of the European Commission says that the commission will continue implementing decisi...
Muscat says EU27 will play hardball with UK in Brexit talks
National 03-10

Prime minister Joseph Muscat tells Politico that the UK, in its negotiations on leaving the EU, should expect ...
Updated | Malta to host Brexit negotiations, Muscat says EU's four freedoms 'cannot be decoupled'
Europe 02-10

After Theresa May announces that UK will launch formal Brexit talks with EU leaders before end of March 2017, ...
Malta to focus on core issues in six-month EU council presidency stint
Europe 30-09

When Malta takes over the presidency of the EU Council in January, it will be focusing its attention and effor...
European Council ignores MEPs’ vote and approves Leo Brincat nomination to Court of Auditors
Europe 29-09

As expected, Malta has pushed through Leo Brincat's nomination to the European Court of Auditors
Malta shown yellow card over failure to transpose EU rules on professional services
National 29-09

European Commission launches infringement procedures against Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Malta, Poland and Spain...
MEP says EU citizens deserve affordable access to cancer treatment
Europe 29-09

‘Give citizens affordable access to treatment and care against cancer as well as supportive care’ ...
Commission proposes transparency register for EU lobbyists
Europe 28-09

  Transparency register for EU lobbying to become mandatory as European Commission proposes legisla...
European Parliament opens Panama Papers inquiry
Europe 28-09

A panel of 65 members heard from journalists involved in breaking the story of the Mossack Fons...
Panama Papers committee chairman: Konrad Mizzi will be called to testify
Europe 27-09

First meeting of the PANA committee in the European Parliament invites ICIJ journalists to discuss their work ...
Gozo farmers facing harsh foreign competition, need more land to keep up with demand
Europe 26-09

Farmers tell Labour MEP Alfred Sant of extreme underutilization of agricultural land in Gozo owned by the...
European Investment Bank to loan government €50m for social housing project
National 23-09

Agreement with EIB provides Maltese government with €75m loan facility for major projects and a separate ...