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Sant breaks ranks with Maltese MEPs to abstain on Commission work programme
Europe 15-07

Labour MEP votes against references to further tax harmonisation and involvement of NATO in EU security and de...
Migrant returns to be speeded up with new travel document
Europe 14-07

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli: ‘Low enforcement of return decisions in Europe are detrimental to the credibili...
EU accuses Google of using search market for own benefit
Europe 14-07

The EU’s Antitrust Commission finds that Google has “unduly favoured its own comparison shopping s...
Mizzi attends energy ministers meeting, Šefčovič lauds Maltese LNG project
Europe 14-07

Malta’s reduction of electricity tariffs and new gas plant ‘a benchmark for others to follow&rsquo...
Hollande in hot water for €10,000 monthly hairdressing bill
Europe 14-07

The publication of French president Francois Hollande's contract with his hairdresser ...
Boris Johnson made UK's foreign secretary, cabinet includes other familiar faces
Europe 14-07

Britian's Theresa May’s first cabinet appointments indicated an inclination to right-winged pol...
Anti-food wastage action garners attention in EU
Europe 13-07

Efforts are being made within the EU to reduce food wastage, following France's ban on supermakets throwin...
European Ombudsman raises red flag over Barroso’s Goldman Sachs job
Europe 12-07

Ombudsman wants revision of the Code of Conduct to so that it reflects Treaty rules on how former Commissioner...
British PM elect sets targets on social reform and Brexit success
Europe 12-07

British prime minister elect Theresa May has outlined a successful Brexit and greater social justice as her ta...
Malta to launch post-Brexit campaign to target British tourists
National 08-07

Minister for Tourism confident Brexit ‘unlikely’ to have severe repercussions on British tourists ...
Home affairs minister says managing migration is ‘credibility test’ for EU
National 07-07

Ministers discuss the way forward on the reform of the Common European Asylum System at the first informal cou...
MEP Comodini Cachia pushes for inclusion in all social spheres
Europe 07-07

During a debate, Maltese MEP Therese Comodini Cachia pushed for people with disabilities to be included in all...
MEPs urge EU to focus on its citizens, address existing divergences
Europe 07-07

Labour MEPs Alfred Sant and Marlene Mizzi say citizens need to feel that the EU is closer to their concerns, a...
EU Parliament green-lights new border guard agency
Europe 06-07

Deal will see EU member states agree to deploy at least 1,500 officers to countries struggling with extraordin...
European Commission proposes conclusion of EU-Canada free trade deal
Europe 05-07

EC president Jean-Claude Juncker hails proposed CETA trade agreement as one of EU's 'best and most pro...