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Dalli and Metsola are Malta’s most influential MEPs, new ranking confirms
Europe 13-09

Votewatch ranking of most influential members says Malta’s MEPs are punching above their weight
Updated | Alfred Sant abstains in EP vote approving Busuttil’s nomination to EU panel
Europe 12-09

Head of PL delegation to the European Parliament Alfred Sant did not take part in a vote approving Simon Busut...
Under threat of EU closure, Malta not ruling out new trapping season
Europe 12-09

The re-opening of the trapping season in Malta has not yet been ruled out, but could soon be outlawed by the E...
Mizzi calls for lower international phone calls charge
Europe 07-09

Labour MEP: Roaming was a great political victory but it’s time to move towards a single telecoms market...
Top EU court throws out Slovakia and Hungary’s action against migrant relocation
Europe 06-09

Hungary and Slovakia were allocated 1,294 and 902 refugees under the EU relocation quota but Hungary has yet t...
Paris mini-summit: EU, African leaders meet to discuss migration
Europe 28-08

The meeting might also provide information on why arrivals have plummeted in recent weeks from Libya
Scottish, Welsh government heads aim to stop 'blatant power grab' after Brexit
Europe 22-08

Scotland's First Minister will meet her Welsh counterpart in Edinburgh to discuss their opposition to the ...
Britain will not exclude possible EU oversight of UK borders after Brexit
Europe 21-08

Britain will not rule out the possibility of the European Union retaining oversight of customs controls at UK ...
Austria reinforces army presence on Italian border
Europe 18-08

Austria is building up a stronger police and military presence on it borders in an attempt to reduce the numbe...
UK looks to keep visa-free travel for EU citizens after Brexit
Europe 17-08

The British government plans to keep visa-free travel to the UK for EU visitors after Brexit, but would impose...
EU starts legal action against Poland over new law
Europe 16-08

Poland protests against European Commission's interference saying EU's fears about its court reform ar...
Britain seeks Brexit without borders for Northern Ireland
Europe 16-08

The British government has said it does not want any border posts between Northern Ireland and the Republic of...
German judges refer ECB lawsuit to European court
Europe 15-08

The European Central Bank faces a legal challenge over its €2 trillion quantitative easing programme afte...
UK suggests 'temporary customs union' with EU, new trade deals post-Brexit
Europe 15-08

The UK sets out the ‘ambitious new customs arrangement’ it wants to secure with the EU after ...
Updated | Spendthrift EU Commissioners, but Maltese Karmenu Vella bucks the trend on air taxis
Europe 10-08

Maltese Commissioner Karmenu Vella has spent far less than the average on the air taxi expenses revealed in a ...