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Prime Minister faces grilling by MEPs on Panama Papers, Malta’s rule of law
Europe 14-06

The Labour leader is said to be relishing the opportunity to face MEPs after telling supporters at a victory r...
Alfred Sant warns EU, US and Russia of need to converge on Libya
Europe 12-06

Members of the European Parliament and US Congressmen issued a joint statement on recent political and economi...
Appointed rapporteur on Ombudsman report, Marlene Mizzi stresses transparency
Europe 09-06

MEP Marlene Mizzi has stressed on the need for the European Ombudsman to be transperent, as she is appoin...
Malta opts out of European public prosecutor’s office on tax evasion and fraud
Europe 09-06

Malta and eight other member states opted out of a new European public prosecutor that could bring actions on ...
OLAF has opened investigation into EU leaders in Panama Papers scandal
Europe 09-06

The EU’s anti-fraud office OLAF is investigating several European politicians and high-ranking civil ser...
EU seeks to expedite police requests for data from tech firms
Europe 08-06

The European Commission will present three options to EU ministers which will form the basis of a future legis...
Malta oversees EU common development policy agreement
Europe 07-06

The European Consensus on Development sets up a common framework for European development cooperation, which, ...
MEPs using allowances to rent offices from themselves
Europe 31-05

Dozens of MEPs are paying their national political parties from their expenses allowance, and only 133 of...
EU bodies reach deal on WIFI4EU initiative
Europe 30-05

Under the initiative, local authorities across all EU member states will be able to apply for funding to provi...
Angela Merkel: EU 'can no longer rely on allies' after Trump and Brexit
Europe 29-05

Europe can no longer ‘completely depend’ on the US and UK following the election of President Trum...
Two men ‘suspected of terrorism’ arrested in Sicily, Italian media reports
Europe 27-05

Police stop two men who reached Pozzallo from Malta
Scicluna on revealing UBOs: Do it with European legislation, not leaks
Europe 25-05

Malta Files on the agenda of the Brussels press as Edward Scicluna presides over tax rules reforms, while Fran...
Maltese Presidency secures second legislative agreement on EU tax-related matters
Europe 23-05

An agreement between EU Member States on Double Taxation Dispute Resolution Mechanisms has been secured by the...
Facebook fined €110 million for 'misleading' EU over WhatsApp takeover
Europe 19-05

Facebook has been fined €110 million by the EU for providing 'incorrect or misleading' ...
ECJ rules trade deals do not require extra ratification
Europe 17-05

The EU’s top court has ruled that EU officials had exclusive powers to negotiate international trade dea...