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EU affairs secretary sets out Labour vision for ‘21st century social dialogue’

Aaron Farrugia to set out plans for dialogue with social partners for long-term goals

Staff Reporter
25 September 2017, 5:10pm
Aaron Farrugia (left) with EU affairs minister Helena Dalli
Aaron Farrugia (left) with EU affairs minister Helena Dalli
In a keynote speech at the Maltese embassy in Brussels this evening, parliamentary secretary Aaron Farrugia will set out the Labour government’s vision for 21st century social dialogue.

Farrugia is in Brussels for several meetings on the Future of Europe, where he will speak of sustainable development being at the core of Maltese policies.

“It’s a theme that many people in this room will be familiar with. There are many complex challenges to address. But what is clear to me is that my generation must act as a bridge to the future, rather than look at the past,” Farrugia will say at an Independence Day ceremony. 

“Populists will always offer short-term quick fixes and easy answers, but responsible politicians must focus on preventative action – deploying resources to undertake action now in order to prevent problems occurring or getting worse.”

Farrugia will say Malta and Europe must build an economy, society, and environment that is sustainable and can meet needs of future generations.

“Over the coming weeks and months I will be unveiling plans to work with social partners to set ambitious, long-term goals to reflect the Malta we want to see, both now and in the future.

 “This is important because our generation needs to take responsibility for the choices we make now: and that starts with changing the way that we work to find the right sustainable solutions for Malta.”