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MEPs using allowances to rent offices from themselves
Europe 31-05

Dozens of MEPs are paying their national political parties from their expenses allowance, and only 133 of...
EU bodies reach deal on WIFI4EU initiative
Europe 30-05

Under the initiative, local authorities across all EU member states will be able to apply for funding to provi...
Angela Merkel: EU 'can no longer rely on allies' after Trump and Brexit
Europe 29-05

Europe can no longer ‘completely depend’ on the US and UK following the election of President Trum...
Two men ‘suspected of terrorism’ arrested in Sicily, Italian media reports
Europe 27-05

Police stop two men who reached Pozzallo from Malta
Scicluna on revealing UBOs: Do it with European legislation, not leaks
Europe 25-05

Malta Files on the agenda of the Brussels press as Edward Scicluna presides over tax rules reforms, while Fran...
Maltese Presidency secures second legislative agreement on EU tax-related matters
Europe 23-05

An agreement between EU Member States on Double Taxation Dispute Resolution Mechanisms has been secured by the...
Facebook fined €110 million for 'misleading' EU over WhatsApp takeover
Europe 19-05

Facebook has been fined €110 million by the EU for providing 'incorrect or misleading' ...
ECJ rules trade deals do not require extra ratification
Europe 17-05

The EU’s top court has ruled that EU officials had exclusive powers to negotiate international trade dea...
MEPs to hold plenary debate on Malta situation after June election
Europe 11-05

Debate on rule of law was proposed in the wake of corruption allegations against Labour leadership, but p...
Non-EU parents of European children have right to EU residence, ECJ rules
Europe 11-05

Non-EU parents whose children are European Union citizens could have the right to live in the bloc and receive...
Greens want urgent debate on Panama follow-up, PANA demands Muscat's presence
Europe 09-05

Greens ask for emergency discussion on situation in Malta in European Parliament plenary session next week
Updated | PL challenges Busuttil over MEP’s expenses ‘scandal’
Europe 07-05

Labour accuses Therese Comodini Cachia of breaching EU rules by using part of her allowance to pay salary of P...
[WATCH] Muscat will go to PANA when magisterial inquiry concludes Egrant investigation
Europe 04-05

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat invited to PANA inquiry committee when he addresses MEPs in Strasbourg ri...
Updated | EU negotiator denies Brexit bill 'punishment'
Europe 03-05

The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said it was an 'illusion' to think it ...
Stability in Libya crucial for neighbours’ security
Europe 30-04

Much effort is being invested in the EU’s military intervention in international waters off the coast of...