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Looks can be deceiving | Kristy Debono
Interview 19-11

Newly-elected PN council president Kristy Debono acknowledges that the Nationalist Party is undergoing a period of internal strife. But beneath the veneer of angry dissent, she also sees an Opposition that is passing through an entirely normal process of renewal

'Malta stands out' | Nils Muižnieks
Interview 12-11

Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, welcomes the local discussion on press f...
Still in time to save Majjistral Park | Sammy Vella
Interview 06-11

Plans are afoot to extend hunting and trapping hours at Majjistral nature park: a move that would transform an...
A terrifying culture of impunity | Prof Henry Frendo
Interview 29-10

The murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruna Galizia shocked the country, and also exposed a level of ...
[WATCH] Bomb probably under the car, on the chassis - Anthony Abela Medici
Interview 24-10

Having previously led Malta’s forensic analysis laboratory for 30 years, Anthony Abela Medici says ...
New realities at the workplace | Dolores Sammut Bonnici
Interview 15-10

The world of work is a rapidly changing environment, and Malta Employers Association president Dolores Sammut ...
Cannabis legalisation is a health and safety issue | Eric Castillo
Interview 08-10

Eric Castillo, of the newly formed pro-legalisation group ‘Releaf’, argues that is safer for both ...
Keeping the Opposition on the right track | Marlene Farrugia
Interview 01-10

That is how outgoing PD leader Marlene Farrugia views her role within the fragile ‘ForzaNazzjonali&rsquo...
Maintenance is part of development, too | Chris Grech
Interview 26-09

Malta needs to urgently upgrade its infrastructure at all levels if it is to compete in a globalised property ...
A fourth division team in the Premier League | Carmel Cacopardo
Interview 18-09

Newly elected AD-Green Party chairperson Carmel Cacopardo is outspoken on the need for the party to ...
‘Power to the people’ | Anthony Buttigieg
Interview 10-09

Former PD deputy leader (and leadership contestant) Dr Anthony Buttigieg outlines the way forward for a party ...
[WATCH] The new wine, dying on the vine... | Jeremy Cassar
Interview 04-09

Malta’s wine industry faces unprecedented demand, but its indigenous grape varieties are also under seve...
A vision that is ahead of its time | Chris Said
Interview 01-09

PN leadership hopeful Chris Said on the importance of an innovative forward-looking vision... that ‘reaf...
[WATCH] To be in politics is ‘to serve’ | Adrian Delia
Interview 24-08

PN leader aspirant Adrian Delia deflects suspicions surrounding his financial circumstances, and insists ...
[WATCH] Naomi Cachia: ‘I’ve been told I was elected only because I’m a woman’
Interview 16-08

Being a woman in politics is a ‘burden we need to tackle’, says new Labour youth president Naomi C...
‘Politics redone, bottom-up’ | Alex Perici Calascione
Interview 14-08

PN leadership hopeful Alex Perici Calascione outlines his vision for a rethink of how the Nationalist Party do...