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His hands on the cash register | Edward Scicluna
Interview 08-10

Edward Scicluna has a simple solution to keep Malta’s deficit under 3% – keep things as they are. But not ...
Too chummy with Labour? | Tony Zahra
Interview 30-09

MHRA President Tony Zahra would like to live in a country where politicians try to outdo each other in ‘doin...
It’s still the economy, stupid | Tonio Fenech
Interview 22-09

The global economic climate will be kinder to Labour than it was to the last Nationalist administration, but f...
‘Enemalta is no family silver’ | Konrad Mizzi
Interview 17-09

In its current state, Enemalta is the albatross around the island’s neck. But Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi i...
A normal life and a hidden hand | Syrians living in Malta
Interview 12-09

Abdul Dibo and Nidal Binni, Syrians long resident in Malta, offer their insights on the war and urge Malta’s...
Facing a constructed crisis | Therese Comodini Cachia
Interview 02-09

MEP candidate Therese Comodini Cachia believes the big migration ‘crisis’ is being constructed as a backdr...
Live through this | Karl Schembri
Interview 02-09

Journalist turned humanitarian worker Karl Schembri has witnessed the human toll of an illegal Israeli occupat...
Poacher or gamekeeper? | Sandro Chetcuti
Interview 25-08

Developer Sandro Chetcuti has just been appointed on the Building Regulations Board. As a developer who enjoys...
‘Gonzi must acknowledge he was wrong, history proved me right’ – Debono
Interview 23-08

Franco Debono believes the PN administration’s downfall was not down to the personal agendas of government M...
Regrets, I’ve had a few… | Lawrence Gonzi
Interview 19-08

Lawrence Gonzi retains a combative streak, carving out the impression that his mission to keep Malta in financ...
Minister at a bus stop | Joe Mizzi
Interview 12-08

If you meet Transport Minister Joe Mizzi at a bus stop, don’t be surprised – he is dedicating part of his ...
Of rights and referenda | Cyrus Engerer
Interview 05-08

Everyone has the right to an opinion but it would be dangerous to submit rights to a popular vote, Labour EP h...
Much harder to change a culture than a law | Helena Dalli
Interview 29-07

As the minister responsible for social equality, civil liberties and consumer affairs, Helena Dalli finds hers...
The other side of the immigration coin | Gervais Chisihayo
Interview 23-07

Immigration does not only refer to asylum seekers entering the country without documents. Even fully legal imm...
Balance, not burnout – the highlight of 26 years as a criminal investigator
Interview 22-07

Assistant Police Commissioner Pierre Calleja talks about the ups and downs – the dedication and the necessar...