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Busting the myths about immigration | Jon Hoisaeter
Interview 15-07

UNHCR representative Jon Hosaieter makes the case that a proper immigration strategy can only be achieved if w...
Waking up Brussels (on the wrong side) | Manuel Mallia
Interview 15-07

Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia claims last week’s pushback attempt was never going to take place. But t...
Adding life to years: the promise of active ageing
Interview 08-07

We need to challenge preconceived notions on retirement to ensure that older people participate fully in the c...
Turning the PN into a ‘factory of ideas’ - Chris Said
Interview 03-07

In the PN’s new pantheon of leaders, which also includes two deputy leaders, Chris Said wants to give greate...
Is justice being served? | Giovanni Bonello
Interview 24-06

Judicial reform is a top priority, but it is also a perilous minefield to be approached with utmost caution. R...
And now… for the real Joseph | Joseph Muscat
Interview 16-06

After 12 weeks in government, Joseph Muscat’s honeymoon is practically over. He won the election with a batt...
DALLIGATE: the unambiguous circumstantial evidence
Interview 12-06

An emotional John Dalli believes there is “unambiguous circumstantial evidence” that the OLAF report was a...
‘We are running on empty’ | Owen Bonnici
Interview 11-06

Owen Bonnici, Parliamentary Secretary for Justice, is brimming with confidence that the imminent reform of the...
The PS with a hot potato | Michael Farrugia
Interview 10-06

Is Labour pro-environment or pro-construction? Michael Farrugia insists that he will pass the test if he is cr...
Looking forward to the spotlight | Ann Fenech
Interview 05-06

After a lifetime of facing problems and finding solutions in the maritime industry, Ann Fenech is set to take ...
Transport Ministry devising a ‘five year plan’
Interview 02-06

Speaking in an interview published in this Sunday’s edition of Illum, Transport Minister Joe Mizzi speaks ab...
Simon Busuttil’s first days in office have shown he’s the man for the job, says Chris Said
Interview 01-06

Speaking to Sunday newspaper Illum, PN Secretary General Chris Said puts his trust in new PN leader Simon Busu...
Living up to expectations | Simon Busuttil
Interview 27-05

Newly elected PN leader Simon Busuttil freely admits that the Nationalist Party media failed to live up to the...
No token lady | Claudette Buttigieg
Interview 22-05

The ambitious Nationalist MP Claudette Buttigieg knows the competition is stiff, but the PN must face change. ...
Parliament’s guardian Angel | Anglu Farrugia
Interview 21-05

Newly appointed Speaker of the House Dr Anglu Farrugia may not enjoy universal support, but he is confident th...