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[WATCH] ‘Borg would have been a fantastic leader… a couple of decades ago’ – MEP
National 27-11

Liberal MEP who said Tonio Borg was unfit for the post of commissioner says his track record showed he was not...
The dream gets concrete | Karsten Xuereb
Interview 27-11

Aware that ‘V18 will flit in and out of consciousness’ as Valletta gears up to become European Capital for...
Greener on the other side… | Arnold Cassola
Interview 19-11

As voter confidence in the bigger parties seems to visibly wane, AD/The Green Party hopes to capitalise on wid...
Words know no age | Adrian Grima
Interview 18-11

Better known for his politically engaged work, writer and Maltese literature lecturer Adrian Grima has just la...
Not standing for the sake of it, but to win | Tonio Fenech
Interview 12-11

In the wake of declaring his decision to stand for the deputy leader contest within the Nationalist Party – ...
Unfinished business | Helena Dalli
Interview 06-11

As Helena Dalli looks forward to implement the policies she never got time to do under the 1996 Labour adminis...
Exorcising ghosts | Reno Azzopardi
Interview 29-10

In the four years since his brother died under mysterious circumstances in police custody, Reno Azzopardi has ...
Private practice | Deo Debattista
Interview 22-10

While criticising government for its lack of long-term vision, Labour candidate Deo Debattista emphasises the ...
The tenacious reformer | Dolores Cristina
Interview 15-10

Education Minister Dolores Cristina speaks of her heartbreak at losing social policy during the January reshuf...
Sex, secrets and the legacy of Mintoff | Alex Vella Gera
Interview 14-10

Last year, Alex Vella Gera was at the centre of the censorship storm thanks to a controversial short story whi...
I’m a believer… | Simon Busuttil
Interview 08-10

MEP Simon Busuttil acknowledges that the dice appear loaded against a PN victory at the next election. But he ...
Balancing the scales of justice | Josè Herrera
Interview 01-10

Labour MP and shadow minister for justice Josè Herrera talks about Labour’s vision for the justice system.
Malta’s leap in the dark | Peter Apap Bologna
Interview 24-09

Not all tears shed on Independence Day in 1964 were tears of joy at Malta’s newfound autonomy. Peter Apap Bo...
I am an action man | Claudio Grech
Interview 23-09

Claudio Grech emerges from the shadow of Austin Gatt, proclaiming to be somebody with a vision and not just a ...
The proof of the pudding… | Joseph Muscat
Interview 17-09

Joseph Muscat is brimming with confidence ahead of an election which cannot be more than a few months away. Bu...