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The Bodyguard: At arm's length | John Sacco
Interview 21-05

Former Criminal Investigation Department Inspector John Sacco can today boast of a specialised security organi...
Licence to drill | Peter Gatt
Interview 20-05

Geologist Dr Peter Gatt questions Malta’s unhurried approach to oil exploration, at a time when we already t...
An American in Malta | Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley
Interview 14-05

A career diplomat, Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley is the new United States ambassador to Malta, but also the firs...
Of birds and fireworks | Michael Falzon
Interview 13-05

He has sounded his voice on home affairs several times. He is a declared avid hunter with a lifelong passion f...
Bone weary | Yves Muscat Baron
Interview 13-05

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Yves Muscat Baron has been conducting numerous studies on osteoporos...
EU partnership over membership | Alfred Sant
Interview 12-05

Labour Party leader between 1992 and 2008, now a Labour MP – opposed EU membership, favoured loose associati...
Steering Gozo Channel | Paul Curmi
Interview 08-05

Newly-appointed Gozo Channel chairman Paul Curmi doesn’t lack the enthusiasm to be at the helm of the countr...
The gentle anarchist | Charles Miceli
Interview 07-05

For Charles Miceli, poverty is not a statistic but a reality he meets every day… in the shape of real people...
From door to door | Robert Arrigo
Interview 06-05

Renowned for his prodigious house visits, Sliema Nationalist MP Robert Arrigo is confident about his party’s...
‘High’ times | David Caruana
Interview 06-05

Legalise Cannabis Malta spokesman David Caruana on why should cannabis be decriminalised.
Grasping the nettles | Martin Scicluna
Interview 29-04

Martin Scicluna, Today Public Policy Institute director, warns against the dangers of complacency, against a n...
Martin Scicluna on addressing the country's priorities
Interview 28-04

Martin Scicluna, Today Public Policy Institute director, talks about the dangers of complacency, against a nat...
Killing the Speed | Josie Brincat
National 25-04

Alcohol-related accidents are a major concern all over the world. And Malta is no exception. DUNCAN BARRY spea...
Sudden impact | Mario Bezzina
Interview 25-04

Picturing the harsh consequences one can leave on both himself and his family is enough to reconsider driving ...
A trade unionist for life? | John Bencini
Interview 22-04

Politics and trade unionism run in John Bencini’s blood. But although tempted to join the political fray aft...