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Soldiers of the sea | Wallace Camilleri
Interview 21-06

Maritime Squadron Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Wallace Camilleri briefs us on his career, the squadro...
Labour’s moderating influence | Leo Brincat
Interview 17-06

Leo Brincat speaks on issues which suggest he is one of Labour’s more moderate MPs, but then he is regularly...
The new Nationalist | Charlò Bonnici
Interview 10-06

Nationalist MP Charlò Bonnici not only agrees with the bill on party financing drafted by Franco Debono but i...
Business as usual? | Jason Azzopardi
Interview 02-06

Minister Jason Azzopardi – whose portfolio includes the self employed – insists that small businesses have...
Baywatch: Lifeguards to the rescue | Raymond Azzopardi
Interview 27-05

Raymond Azzopardi from the MTA’s Product Development Directorate, responsible for managing beaches, talks ab...
Safety at Sea | Captain David Bugeja
Interview 27-05

Captain David Bugeja, Chief Officer of the Ports & Yachting Directorate within Transport Malta (TM) on safety ...
Beyond the hype | Immanuel Mifsud
Interview 27-05

Award-winning novelist Immanuel Mifsud blames the Malta’s intellectual poverty on lacking alternatives in th...
Immanuel Mifsud on Malta's 'lack of thinking'
Interview 26-05

Award-winning novelist Immanuel Mifsud blames the Malta’s intellectual poverty on lacking alternatives in th...
The Bodyguard: At arm's length | John Sacco
Interview 21-05

Former Criminal Investigation Department Inspector John Sacco can today boast of a specialised security organi...
Licence to drill | Peter Gatt
Interview 20-05

Geologist Dr Peter Gatt questions Malta’s unhurried approach to oil exploration, at a time when we already t...
An American in Malta | Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley
Interview 14-05

A career diplomat, Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley is the new United States ambassador to Malta, but also the firs...
Of birds and fireworks | Michael Falzon
Interview 13-05

He has sounded his voice on home affairs several times. He is a declared avid hunter with a lifelong passion f...
Bone weary | Yves Muscat Baron
Interview 13-05

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Yves Muscat Baron has been conducting numerous studies on osteoporos...
EU partnership over membership | Alfred Sant
Interview 12-05

Labour Party leader between 1992 and 2008, now a Labour MP – opposed EU membership, favoured loose associati...
Steering Gozo Channel | Paul Curmi
Interview 08-05

Newly-appointed Gozo Channel chairman Paul Curmi doesn’t lack the enthusiasm to be at the helm of the countr...