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Unhappy days | Simon Busuttil
National 25-02

From ACTA to divorce, from Franco Debono to Lawrence Gonzi, from political instability in Malta to the future ...
Just a bunch of lemmings… | Arnold Cassola
Interview 20-02

AD spokesperson on EU and International Affairs Arnold Cassola says Malta could be influential but lacks the i...
Stuck in a moment | Owen Bonnici
Interview 20-02

Lawyer and PL spokesman for Youth and Culture Owen Bonnici has made a name for himself as a liberal voice with...
Brothers in arms | Michael Gonzi
Interview 19-02

Backbencher Michael Gonzi praises his brother’s dedication to the country but reveals that back in 2009 he h...
Total system failure | George Busuttil
Interview 13-02

As prisoner’s rights NGO Mid-Dlam Ghad-Dawl approaches its 17th anniversary, director George Busuttil vents ...
In ACTA’s defence? | Antonio Ghio
Interview 13-02

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement will not criminalise those who download films and music tracks in the ...
Beware of the dogma | Alfred Sant
Interview 06-02

Today’s political crisis echoes the one that brought down Alfred Sant’s Labour government in 1998. But the...
The man who would (not) be king | Mario de Marco
Interview 06-02

Recently promoted to Tourism Minister as part of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet reshuffle, Mario de Marco is o...
Walking the walk | Franco Mercieca
Interview 04-02

Franco Mercieca, Gozo’s first candidate to contest on both islands, speaks about the challenge the Labour Pa...
The solution is good governance | Edward Scicluna
Interview 31-01

Labour MEP and prospective minister Edward Scicluna envisages an open and transparent government if Labour is ...
Leaving past convictions behind | Emmanuel Mallia
Interview 30-01

Reputed criminal lawyer Emmanuel Mallia tells what led him to a change of heart and to contest the forthcoming...
Cracking the party whip | David Agius
Interview 23-01

Nationalist Party Whip David Agius says that the Nationalist Party faces nothing short of a battle next Thursd...
Man from the South | Joe Psaila Savona
Interview 23-01

Former tourism parliamentary secretary Joe Psaila Savona knows what it means to be a Nationalist candidate in ...
Still defiant | Franco Debono
Interview 16-01

With four days to go there is no indication yet whether Franco Debono has changed his original position or tha...
Some don’t like it hot | Frans Ghirxi
Interview 07-01

The Sliema murders shook the nation but it was also the press and its reports that came under the public’s s...