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Leaving past convictions behind | Emmanuel Mallia
Interview 30-01

Reputed criminal lawyer Emmanuel Mallia tells what led him to a change of heart and to contest the forthcoming...
Cracking the party whip | David Agius
Interview 23-01

Nationalist Party Whip David Agius says that the Nationalist Party faces nothing short of a battle next Thursd...
Man from the South | Joe Psaila Savona
Interview 23-01

Former tourism parliamentary secretary Joe Psaila Savona knows what it means to be a Nationalist candidate in ...
Still defiant | Franco Debono
Interview 16-01

With four days to go there is no indication yet whether Franco Debono has changed his original position or tha...
Some don’t like it hot | Frans Ghirxi
Interview 07-01

The Sliema murders shook the nation but it was also the press and its reports that came under the public’s s...
Going to the blogs… | Alex Grech
Interview 02-01

Academic researcher Alex Grech talks about how social networks are slowly impacting the way people interact wi...
The full Montanaro | Alan Montanaro
Interview 18-12

Alan Montanaro is best known, dressed in drag, for his panto performances as The Dame, but he’s also vocal a...
One man against the big bank | Paul Bonello
National 10-12

In tomorrow’s issue of MaltaToday on Sunday, stockbroker Paul Bonello says it is time for the Malta Financia...
Re-exhuming the past? | Dione Borg
National 03-12

Almost 25 years later and political parties still speak of the violence which occurred in the 1980s, 1970s and...
Labour’s Mr Nice Guy | Karmenu Vella
Interview 30-11

Shadow Finance Minister Karmenu ‘Il-Guy’ Vella is often presented as the respectable and appealing face of...
Democracy in times of ‘war’
Interview 30-11

Is European democracy under siege? And with so much concern about the future political direction of the Union,...
Fenech’s middle class budget | Tonio Fenech
National 29-11

The spin off from capital projects and the targeted tax cuts for higher spenders announced in the budget will ...
Cleaning out the cobwebs | Karm Farrugia
National 13-11

Economist Karm Farrugia is willing to give Tonio Fenech the benefit of the doubt over conflicting deficit redu...
Vetting the candidates | Karol Aquilina
Interview 01-11

New PN President Karol Aquilina is responsible for the vetting of candidates standing for local and national...
A migratory crisis of Europe’s making | Thomas Hammarberg
Interview 26-10

The Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner Thomas Hammarberg says Malta must move from its emer...