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[WATCH] An election about fundamental principles | Beppe Fenech Adami
Interview 14-05

Nationalist Party Deputy Leader Beppe Fenech Adami argues that this election is an opportunity to 'do the ...
Between the hammer and the anvil | Arnold Cassola
Interview 09-05

Times are tough for AD chairperson Arnold Cassola. Widely blamed (by Nationalists) for the recent collapse of ...
Playing by the rules | Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad
Interview 30-04

Pilatus Bank chairman Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad has defended his bank’s anti-money laundering setup, b...
Birds are a fantastic resource | Chris Packham
Interview 24-04

The economy of the country could be boosted, rather than negatively impacted by a tiny number of individuals w...
Love is not a religion | Fr Mark Montebello
Interview 17-04

As the global Church appears to be shifting direction, Fr Mark Montebello argues in favour of a return to a sp...
No sign of any bubble bursting yet... | Kevin Buttigieg
Interview 10-04

Malta’s property market is currently booming... but can prices rise indefinitely, without the bubble one...
‘We can create a win-win situation’ | Hourie Tafech & Mohamed Hassan
Interview 02-04

Immigration is not all necessarily about tensions and conflict. A new student organisation, SPARK-15, aims to ...
The Constitutional crux of the matter | Martin Scicluna
Interview 27-03

Former director-general of the Today Policy Institute Martin Scicluna argues that the current state of governa...
A work in progress... | Franco Debono
Interview 20-03

The recent party financing scandal seems to underscore the fact that the Party Financing Law enacted last year...
‘Death by a thousand blows’ | Alan Deidun
Interview 13-03

The collapse of the Azure Window might have impacted Malta like a cataclysm... but environmentalist ALAN DEIDU...
‘Women are held to higher standards than men’
Interview 08-03

Women’s representation in various leadership positions in Malta is negligible – even though women ...
[WATCH] Women are always being pointed at | Carla Camilleri
Interview 06-03

‘Burning Bikinis’, a documentary by the Aditus Foundation, explores the evolution of women’s...
[WATCH] No Man’s Land | Diara Diambourou and Sekou Dipa
Interview 27-02

Diara Diambourou and Sekou Dipa, two of the nine Malian detainees released last week after 90 days in custody,...
[WATCH] Why do we make music? For women, of course | Mario Vella
Interview 20-02

‘Rub Al Khali’, Brikkuni’s third studio album, has been described as a stark departure from ...
Of credibility and alternative governance | Marlene Farrugia
Interview 13-02

Formerly an MP for Labour and a general election candidate for the Nationalist party, PD leader Marlene Farrug...