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No country for old men | Franco Debono
Interview 20-09

Nationalist backbencher speaks out on the need for a new Constitution, a less polarised culture and a societ...
Gozo needs to regain momentum | Chris Said
Interview 19-09

What could reawaken Gozo from its economic slump? Parliamentary Secretary and Gozitan MP Chris Said maintain...
The other side of the table | Gejtu Vella
Interview 13-09

Union Haddiema Maghqudin’s secretary-general Gejtu Vella is calling it quits after 13 years at the hel...
(Not) in the national interest | Tonio Borg
Interview 12-09

After months relegated to the sidelines by the Libya uprising, Wikileaks has returned to the fore with a ven...
Addicted to politics? | Francis Zammit Dimech
Interview 07-09

Francis Zammit Dimech has sat on the government benches for nearly a quarter of a century. But he still thin...
People first, not the leader | Saadun Suayeh
Interview 27-08

Libya’s ambassador to Malta Saadun Suayeh reveals his covert role as the Transitional Council’s ...
It’s all about earning your own living | Louis Farrugia
Interview 24-08

Louis Farrugia – the entrepreneur synonymous with Cisk – admits that he is not an aviation man, ...
At a stage of transition | Dolores Cristina
Interview 18-08

The divorce referendum campaign opened the doors to debate on marriage, the family, cohabitation, same-sex r...
Video | Cyrus Engerer on Cyrusgate [Pt.1, 2, 3]
Interview 01-08

In the second and third part of his interview Cyrus Engerer tells MediaToday Managing Editor Saviour Balzan&...
A weather-vane politician?  | Cyrus Engerer
Interview 26-07

In the space of two weeks, Sliema Vice Mayor Cyrus Engerer went on from addressing the PN’s general co...
The man who said ‘No’ | Adrian Vassallo
Interview 18-07

He may hold the record for lowest parliamentary attendance ever, but Dr Adrian Vassallo, MP, tends to m...
His liberal agenda | Mario de Marco
Interview 13-07

Economic and social changes brought about by successive Nationalist administrations have contributed to a ch...
Divorcing from the old ways | Deborah Schembri
Interview 05-07

She came out of nowhere and led a groundbreaking apolitical pro-divorce movement to a solid electoral victor...
Test tube politics | Michael Farrugia
Interview 28-06

Dr Michael Farrugia, the Opposition’s appointed member on Parliament’s Social Affairs Committee,...
Meet the CEO | Ian Stafrace
Interview 22-06

After writing the text of the MEPA reform bill, Ian Stafrace who has been handpicked as&...