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Not all doom and gloom… or slime | José Herrera
Interview 05-09

Between fish farm slime and rampant overdevelopment, the environment seems to be under unprecedented levels of...
Truth is always revolutionary | Elias Khoury
Interview 30-08

Lebanese writer Elias Khoury is one of the leading lights of Arab literature and he says that the Israeli occu...
Maltese cuisine back on the menu | Michael Diacono
Interview 22-08

The Maltese restaurant scene has evolved beyond recognition in the last 30 years. But for established local ch...
Towards a Maltese presidency of the EU Council
Interview 19-08

Malta's presidency of the EU council is a real chance for the country to leave its mark on the u...
Change is on its way | Glenna Kathleen Hill
Interview 14-08

The US Presidential election may radically transform how the US interacts with the rest of the world. But Amer...
Not part of a masterplan | Conrad Thake
Interview 08-08

Architect Conrad Thake argues that decisions to go high-rise should be preceded by a masterplan, not vice-vers...
Between a rock and a hard place | Tolga Temuge
Interview 31-07

The failed military coup in Turkey this month exposed the vulnerability of the largest democracy bordering the...
From scandal to reform at the Lands Authority
Interview 27-07

The Gaffarena scandal gave way to an overhaul of the Lands Department for the creation of a new board of gover...
Exam time for the education system | Evarist Bartolo
Interview 24-07

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo faces resistance from parents and teachers alike, as he tries to reform an ...
‘See cranes, think drains’ | Astrid Vella
Interview 17-07

Is Malta ready for a boom in high-rise buildings? Most emphatically not, argues Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar&rs...
The bubble is not bursting yet | Sandro Chetcuti
Interview 10-07

Malta Developers’ Association chairman Sandro Chetcuti argues that the ‘property bubble’ wil...
‘You can check out any time you like…’ | Roderick Pace
Interview 03-07

Has Europe become a neo-conservative prison from which one can never really escape? Prof. Roderick Pace, of th...
Invisible women | Brenda Murphy
Interview 29-06

Dr Brenda Murphy, of the University of Malta’s Department of Gender Studies, on why the media has some c...
Careful of that high-rise bubble… | Chris Grech
Interview 23-06

Dhalia CEO Chris Grech is sending out a warning: high-rise will not work if the demand from the global rich an...
Aborting misconceptions | Lara Dimitrijevic
Interview 20-06

A public call for the morning-after pill to be licensed has rung alarm bells among the pro-life lobby. But Lar...