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Quotas? What quotas? | Kenneth Demartino
Interview 15-06

Warden service operator KENNETH DEMARTINO reacts to accusations that local wardens exist to squeeze money out ...
Warden agency chief denies making money off traffic contraventions
Interview 14-06

Kenneth Demartino admits that regional committees have to pay warden agencies from their own budgets if they d...
FIFA’s fat lady hasn’t sung yet | Norman Darmanin Demajo
Interview 07-06

Football’s governing body has been plunged into scandal, but MFA president Norman Darmanin Demajo argues...
Too many possibilities for abuse | Petra Caruana Dingli
Interview 31-05

Petra Caruana Dingli, council member of Din l-Art Helwa, has described the government’s Strategic Plan f...
[WATCH] A child of Labour and Zonqor | Desiree Attard
Interview 25-05

For the young deputy mayor Zonqor is not just a landscape feature but also an integral part of her identity.
A point of no return? | Edward Mallia
Interview 17-05

Environmental protection in Malta seems to have hit an all-time low. But activist Edward Mallia argues that th...
[WATCH] ‘Muscat’s vision has not become reality’ – Nationalist whip
Interview 10-05

David Agius says that the public have started to pressure the government to deliver on its pre-electoral promi...
[WATCH] Exiled ‘president’ yearns for his family
National 04-05

Alex Vella, president of the Rebels Motorcycle Club, is stranded in Malta after his visa ban to return to Aust...
From Somalia with fear | Ahmed Nuur Ibrahim
Interview 03-05

For most migrants, the boat trip from Libya is only the last hurdle of a harrowing and often fatal ordeal. AHM...
Still Puccini after all these years | Joseph Calleja
Interview 26-04

Tenor laughs off claims that the Maltese are 'some sort of Aryan pure-blood race'
Killing joy | Bill Oddie
Interview 21-04

British TV personality Bill Oddie may be a comedian by vocation, but he admits he sees very little to smile ab...
'Boys will not always be boys' | Maria Ali
Interview 13-04

The new Gender Identity Bill challenges some of the traditional ‘certainties’ that many people tak...
[WATCH] 'It's a shame - we don't even know our own history' | Salvu Mallia
Interview 05-04

Has Malta’s most popular television presenter finally overstepped his limits by taking on the mantle of ...
Culture in Malta: No time to waste
Interview 01-04

Director of strategy at Arts Council Malta Toni Attard tells TEODOR RELJIC that changes are afoot in the gover...
Medical tourism to the rescue | Chris Fearne
Interview 29-03

Health parliamentary secretary insists that €200 million figure for medical investment represents the exp...