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Failure to integrate is not an option | Silvan Agius
Interview 30-11

SILVAN AGIUS, newly appointed director of the Human Rights and Integration Commission, argues that the opposit...
Tunnel under troubled water | Euchar Vella
Interview 23-11

Gozo’s connectivity problems are well-known; but is a sub-seabed tunnel the only viable solution? Accord...
[WATCH] Marlene Farrugia: Labour MPs scared of speaking out, she refused Busuttil’s offer to join PN, and why her resignation was long on the cards
Interview 18-11

WATCH highlights • 10 things former Labour MP Marlene Farrugia told Saviour Balzan for Reporter
Learning the hard way | Elizabeth Chyrum
Interview 18-11

Elizabeth Chyrum of Human Rights Concern Eritrea is sceptical about the monetary aid pledged for development i...
A medical time-bomb? | Martin Balzan
Interview 15-11

Can Malta afford to maintain a costly free health service of population growth and ageing demographics? Yes, a...
‘Love is not enough’ | Save the Embryo Protection Act Malta
Interview 12-11

Meeting the members of Save The Embryo Protection Act Malta, TEODOR RELJIC discovers that biological essential...
To judge in one’s own court | Kevin Aquilina
Interview 09-11

Dean of the Faculty of Laws Prof. KEVIN AQUILINA explores the thin red line separating politics from the judic...
Politics is his calling | Aaron Farrugia
Interview 02-11

Former Labour Party youth leader Aaron Farrugia says politicians have to brush up their game and start getting...
‘Work doesn’t pay’ | Charles Miceli
Interview 26-10

Did Budget 2016 do enough to reduce poverty levels to within sight of EU targets? Veteran social justice campa...
Roadmap to nowhere | Kristy Debono
Interview 19-10

Budget 2016 seems to offer little foothold for an Opposition keen to rebuild itself as a serious alternative g...
When disaster strikes | John Rizzo
Interview 12-10

Civil Protection Department director JOHN RIZZO discusses whether Malta is logistically prepared to handle lar...
Another ‘Brikkun’ in the wall | Mario Vella
Interview 05-10

MARIO VELLA, frontman for Brikkuni and outspoken commentator on the cultural scene, contends with the most phi...
Another ‘Brikkun’ in the wall | Mario Vella
Interview 04-10

MARIO VELLA, frontman for Brikkuni and outspoken commentator on the cultural scene, contends with the most phi...
This is the beginning of a new era | Maria Pisani
Interview 28-09

Europe’s old asylum policies have failed. Sociologist MARIA PISANI argues that our entire perspective on...
So near and yet SOFA | Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley
Interview 21-09

A ‘Status of Forces Agreement’ would be beneficial for both Malta and the USA, according to US Amb...