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Barcelona attack ‘another criminal satanic act’, says Imam
National 13:07

The head of the local Muslim community condemned the attacks and said they caused ‘grave harm to the Islamic faith’

Muscat on anti-refugee boat C-Star: ‘We will not allow Malta to be used by racists’
National 10:43

Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat said that irrespectively of the country's own clear position on migra...
Former B’Kara goalie: ‘Instead of going to police, Delia carried out his own interrogation’
National 07:42

PN leadership Adrian Delia has denied taking the law in his own hands when he ordered Kopric into a car and dr...
Maltese far-right supporters launch petition in aid of anti-migrant vessel
National 19-08

Anti-migrant vessel C-Star says Maltese supporters have launched a petition requesting Maltese government...
NGOs praise decision to turn away C-Star anti-migrant ship
National 19-08

The C-Star, a ship chartered by an Identitarian group called "Defend Europe," had asked the Maltese ...
GWU warns of civil servants’ unfair treatment
National 19-08

The GWU gave the Government eight days to rectify the situation before taking any further action  
‘I cannot call myself a new face in politics’ - Chris Said speaks out
National 19-08

PN leadership contenders says his strength lies in his experience, not in novelty
PD urges PAC and Auditor General to look into SmartCity land speculation
National 19-08

The Democratic Party continues to allege that SmartCity property is being used for residential development and...
PN on female representation: ‘We need more discussion on kids’
National 18-08

The Nationalist Party has called on Parliament to hold debates on children, education and health in order to a...
PN says Russian whistleblower claims on family harassment ‘alarming’
National 18-08

The Nationalist Party has called reports that whistleblower's Maria Efimova's family is being threaten...
Godfrey Farrugia ‘not interested’ in PD leadership
National 18-08

The Partit Demokratiku MP had previously said he was leaving all options open when asked whether he was intere...
61-year-old man pleads guilty to defiling minor
National 17-08

Anthony Pirotta, 61, who pleaded guilty to a violent attempt on the morals of a male minor, was denied bail
Anthony Buttigieg to contest PD leadership
National 17-08

Partit Demokratiku deputy leader Anthony Buttigieg will be contesting party leadership
Busuttil: National Audit Office’s lack of resources standing in the way of its autonomy
National 17-08

The Opposition leader called for more financial resources to be granted to ‘one of the few remaining ins...
Far-right vigilante boat C-Star just off Malta, claims to be heading to Cyprus
National 17-08

Defend Europe anti-humanitarian vigilante boat C-Star is sailing close to Malta, reportedly sailing back to Cy...
[WATCH] €4 million Triton Fountain restoration nears completion
National 17-08

The installation of the Triton Fountain is expected to be completed by tomorrow, with efforts then shifting to...