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MOAS co-founder welcomes Italian investigation into funding of private rescue missions
National 13:59

Ambassador says Italian parliament's investigations into NGOs is ‘a routine exercise carried by two parliamentary committees’ and that there’s no ‘hidden agenda’

Over 19,000 families to get state-funded food
National 11:45

The government will be distributing fully state-financed food to widen the reach of families receiving food su...
Doctors take umbrage at minister's comments
National 09:59

A&E doctors are ‘insulted’ by health minister Chris Fearne’s comment that the Mater Dei ...
Minister’s extravagant $400,000 spend for Preti painting
National 08:37

Gozo minister Anton Refalo purchased a Mattia Preti painting for princley sum, despite Heritage Malta expressi...
European Commissioner present at Labour meeting
National 14:28

European Commissioner Karmenu Vella attends Labour meeting in Zurrieq 
Updated | ‘Muscat chose to protect drug traffickers over drug victims’ – Simon Busuttil
National 26-03

OPM blast ‘irresponsible’ Simon Busuttil after Opposition leader claims that Joseph Muscat turned ...
ID cards system not in crisis, ministry insists
National 26-03

Justice and local government ministry refutes report that Identity Malta is facing an internal crisis followin...
‘PN in clear breach of party financing law’ – Muscat
National 26-03

Joseph Muscat challenges Simon Busuttil to publish 'false invoices for non-existent ads of Air Malta bread...
Developers slam contractor's ‘serious abuse’, want harsher fines
National 26-03

Malta Developers Association lambasts ‘serious abuse’ by contractor responsible for kicking up mas...
Second ‘publicity-shy’ company was invoiced by PN media company
National 26-03

Since 2014, the PN has received approximately €560,000 from Sky Gourmet and a similarly publici...
GWU orders action by Paola health centre staff
National 25-03

Union says staff at Paola health centre reception were not enjoying same conditions of work as their counterpa...
'What we have been offered is assimilation, not a coalition,' Cassola claims
National 25-03

AD leader Arnold Cassola says Greens open to forming coalition but not at the cost of being completely absorbe...
Kappara Project | East side nears completion
National 25-03

During these past months, personnel have cleared the east area of the site, built supporting walls for a wider...
Current data on domestic violence ‘too generic’ to provide detailed picture
National 25-03

Available data ‘too generic’ to provide a detailed picture of prevalence of domestic violence in M...
OPM publishes Gozo inquiry terms of reference
National 24-03

On February 28, the Prime Minister appointed an inquiry into alleged political interference in a drug traffick...
[WATCH] MediaLink’s right to commercial privacy must be respected, Busuttil insists
National 24-03

Simon Busuttil refuses to weigh in on MediaLink's business dealings, says PN's media arm has a right t...