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Minister challenged over denial that Malian was refused medication
National 09:34

An activist with human rights NGO who worked closely with the migrants and was allowed access to the centre has challenged home affairs minister Carmelo Abela’s attempt to downplay the alleged mistreatment of a Malian migrant

[ANALYSIS] Keeping Konrad against all odds?
National 08:30

How can a Prime Minister afford to retain a minister whose secret company in a tax haven looks like ‘a t...
Police need 'better intelligence' to get a grip on organised crime
National 07:30

A senior police official has complained that Malta’s police force must be equipped with better inte...
Institute of Maltese Journalists to hold Q&A session on Media and Defamation Act
National 20:59

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici, Education Minister Evarist Bartolo and Attorney General Peter Grech will be par...
Mizzi Liang’s replacement found: Jennifer Shen May is Malta's new trade envoy to Asia
National 17:21

Chinese national who’s been working in Malta for 20 years will be replacing Sai Mizzi Liang as Malta Ent...
Labour ramps up pressure over PN MP's ODZ villa application
National 15:25

PL accuses Toni Bezzina of submitting a fraudulent planning application to gain approval for an ODZ villa &nbs...
Scicluna: Let’s hope electoral pledges are responsible, carefully studied
National 14:25

Finance minister Edward Scicluna has warned against ‘race to the bottom’ with wild statements on e...
'Don't run for exit', PN urges Muscat to heed Broadcasting Authority staff’s petition
National 13:28

Nationalist Party says it hopes the prime minister will not run for the emergency exit but choose instead to t...
ElectroGas will take more than six years to recoup investment, OPM insists
National 13:03

Office of the Prime Minister insists no state aid would be paid to ElectroGas and that the European Commission...
[WATCH] CapitalOne inquiry: report to be published ‘in coming days’
National 12:55

Joseph Muscat pledges to publish CapitalOne inquiry in the coming days, after receiving all the 'nece...
[WATCH] Businesses don't invest in corrupt countries, Muscat tells concerned Chamber
National 11:11

Chamber boss warns Muscat that corruption has damaged Malta's reputation, hits out at sale of ITS land
Rhys Celeste: Social media mourns electro-music performer's passing
National 27-02

Rhys Celeste, known as Microlith in electronic music circles, died in a traffic accident on Sunday, and social...
New media bill: criminal libel goes, but insults are added
National 27-02

People will be able to file a police complaint if they feel that insults have damaged their reputation 
San Gorg rope in De Marco firm for finance plc
National 27-02

Newly created public limited company owned by the developers of the DB San Gorg, on the site of the Institute ...
Updated | Busuttil says police chief, home affairs minister must resign • Ministry says PN leader is ‘threat to democracy’
National 26-02

Opposition leader says PN administration would instruct people to ignore law requiring registration of news we...
Updated | Inquiry to investigate political intervention in Gozo drug prosecution
National 26-02

Prime Minister orders inquiry after MaltaToday reveals how two Gozitans arrested on drug charges changed polic...