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Licensed vehicles in 2016 grow by 3.5%
National 11:47

The stock of licensed motor vehicles stood at 358,947 in the last three months of 2016, marking a growth of 3.5% over the end of 2015

Fenech Adami and Tonio Fenech on list of Panama Papers committee invitees
National 09:44

EPP says Labour lobbying for Nationalist MPs to be included in Panama Papers delegation meetings
Employers face €1.4 million in penalties over disability quotas
National 07:40

While the number of persons with disability grew by 298 individuals last October, 474 persons with disabi...
Salvu Mallia vs the malignant Muscat force appears to be what the PN is about
National 07:36

Salvu Mallia is not a politician. He is a showman that’s been weaponized by politicians, and the volatil...
PN reiterates ‘united party’ message after Busuttil comes up short on De Marco
National 21:08

After Busuttil failed to muster strong defence for De Marco, PN attempts to reinforce ‘unity’ mess...
Evarist Bartolo sues Times of Malta, Beppe Fenech Adami over FTS allegations
National 21:08

PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami said that Bartolo had paid a contractor twice the agreed upon amount and c...
Imam: 'Euthanasia is an act of killing'
National 19:39

Mohammad Elsadi said that according to Islamic teachings, neither the patient nor his family have the right to...
Owen Bonnici: Legal aid lawyers’ retainer already revised
National 18:39

The justice minister says that the retainer paid to legal aids has tripled in the last two years
Democratic Party urges Review Tribunal to allow NGOs to appeal against high-rise developments
National 16:09

The Democratic Party has urged the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal to allow NGOs to appeal ...
Busuttil refuses to comment on blogger's attacks on Mario de Marco
National 18-01

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil refuses to comment on attacks against the PN deputy leader by blogger Daphne ...
Company denies being paid for works it did not carry out for Foundation for Tomorrow’s Schools
National 18-01

Avantgarde Projects has denied having been paid for works, explaining that it accepted a lower payment to...
Air Malta reform talks will continue, GWU says
National 18-01

The General Workers’ Union has said that it will continue to discuss reforms in Air Malta after the fail...
[WATCH] Salvu Mallia backtracks: 'If Simon asked, I would toe the party line'
National 18-01

Maverick candidate acknowledges that party leader had called him in the past after some incident or other, but...
De Marco justifies public absence after PN critics brandish long knives
National 17-01

On social media, PN deputy leader Mario De Marco – who has had medical problems – has had to answe...
NGOs: more professional guidance needed for parents of disabled children
National 17-01

Federation of Organisations for Persons with a Disability presents 50 proposals to parliamentary committee for...
‘Serious’ rise in rental prices forcing people to lose faith in politicians, MP says
National 17-01

Nationalist MP Carm Mifsud Bonnici says higher rents forcing people to move in with parents