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Life is not easy or always just – President George Abela

Malta has to remain unified and optimistic in 2012 but must also develop a culture of money-saving says President of Malta during his greetings on New Year’s Day.

Bianca Caruana
1 January 2012, 12:00am
President George Abela greets Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi on New Year's Day

President George Abela said life was not easy and was not always just but the Maltese should show their solidarity as they did in 2011.

“There needs to be a reasonable dose of optimism and courage. But courage, optimism and hope are not enough. We need to develop our culture by learning to save our money and be cautious to not spend more than we can afford,” Abela said.

On the morning of New Year’s Day the President and his wife Margaret greeted Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and fellow Ministers within the President’s Palace in Valletta.

Abela said that neighbouring countries were made to pay the price by placing new burdens on their people with austerity measures.

“Our country cannot look at surrounding waves and not expect to be touched or struck by them. Malta was fortunate in the employment sector in 2011 but we cannot take it for granted. The Maltese people have to face the storm as a collective group,” Abela stressed.

Gonzi said that 2011 was a challenging year for Malta but three values were displayed by all people involved which should make the country proud.

“The first value was solidarity shown by the Maltese people even to our neighbours. We should be proud and brave in 2012 as we were in 2011. The second value was prudence. During the last year this cautiousness came through and once again our people will once again overcome the economic challenges this year,” Gonzi said.

The third value was determination and faith shown in the government’s ability to succeed according to the Prime Minister.

“We are not commentators. We drive our country. If we were simply commentators, we would be sitting on much more comfortable chairs. We have a heavy weight on our shoulders,” Gonzi mused.

Gonzi also expressed appreciation for the work done by Abela who led by example with great values in leadership and allowed the people to show their charity and unity in the face of the challenges presented.

Charles Bezzina
Dwar dal li qed jinħeba mill-poplu Malti fuq id-diżastru tal-Ewro morru fuq
Charles Bezzina
Hemm żewġ tifsiriet għal dak li qal il-President. ** L-ewwel kien qiegħed iċanfar lill-Prim Ministru dwar kif il-Gvernijiet Nazzjonalisti berbqu r-riservi ta' MAlta u daħħluna f'dejn enormi ta' kważi 4,600 miljun Ewro dejn tal-Gvern u iktar minn 1,000 miljun ewro oħra dejn garantit mill-Gvern u Alla biss jef kemm dejn se jinstab meta l-poplu jagħti daqqa ta' sieq lil Gonzi. ** It-tieni hija twissija dwar kemm se jkolna bżonn flus fil-futur qrib dis-sena minħabba d-diżastru tal-ewro li qiegħed jinħeba mill-poplu Malti. Issa biex il-President wasal biex jagħmel din it-twissija tistgħu taħsbu x'ġej!
guido cutajar
Quote the President " There needs to be a responsibility dose of optimism and courage. But courage, optimism and hope are not enough. We need to develop our culture by learning to save our money and be cautious to not spend more then we can afford " Mr. President...Ma stajtx tolqot ezatt il musmar fuq rasu. Il veru kif jghejdu l-Inglizi..." AT THE RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE, AND IN FRONT OF THE RIGHT PERSON.". Gonz, ghalik kien qeghed jghejd, jew fejn trid int ma tifhimx.
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