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JPO on gay marriage and his future in politics

Nationalist Party MP, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando speaks about his role in last year's divorce referendum and his political future.

Raphael Vassallo
10 March 2012, 12:00am
Zebbug MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando
Zebbug MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando
Chief promoter of last year's successful divorce bill, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando is once again testing the limit of his government's Christian Democrat credentials: this time with a proposal to legalise gay marriage.

Has he finally bitten off more than he can chew? Not according to the outspoken Zebbug MP himself, who challenges stereotypical views of the Nationalist party as an uncompromisingly 'conservative' party.

"I have been militating within this party since the 1980s, and I had never heard anyone mention the 'Religio et Patria' slogan even once, prior to the divorce referendum last year. If you ask me, it's a dusty old motif going back to the 1930s. They only brought it out and brushed off the cobwebs to combat the divorce issue..."

For Pullicino Orlando the PN is better remembered for another motto: 'Xoghol, Gustizzja, Liberta'.

Read the full interview in tomorrow's MaltaToday


joanne zarb
yes we were young and foolish to swollow that pill of "work,JUSTICE and liberty" . but what goes round comes round.
Raymond Mintoff
JPO is grossly mistaken the moto "Xoghol, Gustizzja u Liberta" does not become the nationlist party 1. With regards xoghol gonzipn has failed miserably the most number of jobs created are part time jobs and precarious ones, 2. Gustizzja is just a word for gonzipn and JPO knows that, for example how many ministers took the political responsability for a good number of muck ups by the administration, where is the justice in that? 3. Liberta, maybe spoiling the anviroment of Mistra is Liberta, maybe giving oneself a €5oo weekly raise from people's tax money is Liberta, maybe by Liberta he means the demeaning language used by gonzipn hopefulls. Get real JPO you are on the way out, you said you will not contest next elections so there is no political future there, or are just another gas bag like Franco Debono "Talk the talk but not walk the walk"
roderick degiorgio
Keep it up Mr Pullicino now is the time to help these people.You will be remembered for years to come.