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MaltaToday's latest electoral survey out today

MaltaToday will publish its latest electoral survey in today's printed edition.

10 March 2012, 12:00am
Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Opposition leader Joseph Muscat
Results for March 2012's political survey by MaltaToday will show whether there have been any changes in the leaders' level of trust and which political party is currently in the lead.

The survey will also show what kind of trust rebel MP Franco Debono enjoys.

The survey recorded in February 2012 showed Opposition leader Joseph Muscat in 12-point trust lead over Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi.

Muscat had enjoyed a similar lead in a similar poll held in January.

The February survey had also revealed that the Labour Party enjoyed a  13-point lead over the Nationalist Party.

Read the full results in today's printed edition of MaltaToday

Christian Thorn
@jgalea Ahna ninsulentaw ? Joanna Gonzi u Julian Galea mhux mal Partit ta' Gonzi qedin, mal Partit tieghek, jew int xi Nazzjonalist DemoKRISTJAN iehor bil-PHOBIAS??
Charles Bayliss
Ohlom Sur Galea. Il-PN qala damdiema papali u milli jidher fl-elezzjoni generali li jmiss hekk se jkun ukoll. Tliftu San Pawl il-Bahar, Safi u Qala. Hemm postijiet ohra li naqqastu posthom l-aktar notevoli San Giljan b'10%. Ahna xbajna min Gonzi u nhossuna komdi biss mal-PL issa.
jurgen galea
Intom tal MLP tinsolentaw tafu! Nitthassrek. Timmilitaw ma partit tellif. Jahasra araw id dawl, u inghaqdu maghna. Il PN kapaci jaccettakom. Malta doesn't need socialism. Catholic, European and Modern Malta needs only PN.
Josette Marsh
Oħlom sur galea. !!!! Il-bahnan tas-seklu int.
jurgen galea
Telfa kolossali al MLP! Can't wait to see tomorrow's results. PN is confident in regaining Mosta, Xaghra, San Pawl il Bahar and many more others, and will begin to gear up to the greatest victory ever next year. Malta doesn't need socialism. Catholic, European and Modern Malta needs only PN.
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