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Delia: Homes for the elderly should be combined with childcare centres
National 13-09

The Nationalist Party leadership contender said the country needed to think of more ways of promoting active a...
Busuttil to attend his last PN administrative, executive meetings as leader
National 13-09

The Nationalist Party’s administrative council and the party’s executive are meeting tomorrow even...
Burning down the house: politicos whose road to power was outside the party
National 13-09

How far can Adrian Delia be seen as the local version of a wave of insurgent anti-establishment politicians ta...
[ANALYSIS] How Labour has spun the Delia insurgency inside the PN
National 13-09

Is the Nationalist newcomer contending for the PN leadership truly an example of caviar arrogance, or is he th...
Said expresses disappointment over attacks ‘from certain sections of the party’
National 13-09

PN leadership candidate Chris Said denies allegations that outgoing PN leader Simon Busuttil was ‘campai...
Azerbaijani Laundromat includes two Malta firms
National 13-09

Over €440,000 passed through Malta firms for UK shell company employed in Azerbaijani slush fund
Simon Busuttil texts MPs lambasting Adrian Delia’s press comments
National 12-09

‘I find these attacks unbecoming from a person who aspires to replace me,’ outgoing PN leader Simo...
PN commission asked to investigate 'banned voters' claim as pre-election crossfire intensifies
National 12-09

Despite PN's rebuttal of claims, PN leadership candidate Chris Said has asked the party's electoral co...
Delia’s lawyer and supporter struck off PN voters’ list over freemasonry
National 12-09

Freemasonry membership catches up with lawyer and Delia supporter Arthur Azzopardi
[WATCH] €1.5 million project targets gambling addiction and child exclusion
National 12-09

Funds are being allocated towards addicts and the inclusion of children as 'gaming can lead to alcoho...
Delia hits out at Labour plan to relax cannabis prohibition rules
National 12-09

PN leadership candidate Adrian Delia: “Labour’s plan for youths is marijuana.” 
Half of NAO recommendations implemented: 'Auditing is not a witch-hunt'
National 12-09

Out of 169 selected recommendations, 83 have been fully implemented whilst the rest remain partially implement...
Life jackets over Valletta statues raise awareness on migrants dying at sea
National 12-09

'Statues that celebrate war heroes will be used to remember those dying in our seas,' German NGO Jugen...
'Unsafe' toys withdrawn from market
National 12-09

Four toys have been withdrawn from the local market after warnings were issued regarding their safety
Italian President arriving in Malta tomorrow for two-day visit
National 12-09

President Sergio Mattarella will be visiting Malta tomorrow following talks that occurred in Rome last January...