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Lawrence Gonzi: 'Party's condemnation remains clear, unequivocal'

Gonzi says loss of Cachia Caruana can cost millions to Malta as it negotiates crucial EU framework budget.

24 June 2012, 12:00am
Lawrence Gonzi said Richard Cachia Caruana's loss on the negotiating table in Brussels would affect Malta.
Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi stood by his party's executive committee decision to pass its own condemnation of three MPs whose parliamentary votes strayed away from the official party line.

Addressing a web-streamed activity Gonzi referred to the condemnation of Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Jesmond Mugliett for not voting with the government on the resignation motions against Richard Cachia Caruana, and in the case of Franco Debono, against Carm Mifsud Bonnici, and said the executive's declaration had been clear and unanimous.

He reiterated previous comments made this week that the MPs' actions had their natural consequence, in this case the PN's own official rebuke of the three MPs for having "voted with the Opposition".

The three MPs have remarked they were not informed of the PN executive meeting's agenda and that their votes would be under discussion. Franco Debono said he will contest the decision, but his letter to party secretary-general Paul Borg Olivier has not yet been acknowledged.

On the other hand, Debono this week signed a declaration along with 33 other MPs denying he had expressed the wish to vote against government and with the Opposition to secure the resignation of Richard Cachia Caruana.

Gonzi described the vote that ousted Cachia Caruana as a "terrible experience" that had come at a delicate time for Malta, currently in the middle of negotiating its financial package with the European Union for the 2013-2020 framework.

gIOVANN DeMartino
Naf niko. allahares le meta tiftakar li eluf ilhom jibilghuhom izjed minn kwart ta' seklu.
Noel Cutajar tal-pressjoni rahsu...
gIOVANN DeMartino
@ Guidaforte l-VAVU BEZZIEGH. La ghadek tghallimt tikteb bil-Malti u anqas ghadek ma wegibtni. BEZZIEGH x'ridt tghid biha tat-tabib,k te, pastizzi u flus fil-kunsill? VAVU, aghmel ftit kuragg jew kun onest u ammetti li la taf tikteb u anqas taf fuq min qed titkellem. VAVU!
michael sant
Issa l-bravu gonzipn qed jghid li ghax qed jitwarrab il-famuz RCC hemm cans li se nitilfu miljuni kbar. Ta' min ifakkar lil gonzipn li dan il-bravu Richard Cachia Caruana DIGA TELLIFNA MILJUNI KBAR MILL-EWROPA. Tiftakruh lil gwido demarco jghidilna li jekk insiru membri konna se NDAHHLU MITT MILJUN LIRA MHUX EWRO FIS-SENA --- TINSEWX, MITT MILJUN LIRA MHUX EWRO FIS-SENA ---- allura la dawn baqghu qatt ma gew wara n-negozjati li saru, sinjal li kien RCC li tellifhomlna - jigifieri DIN MHUX SE TKUN L-EWWEL DARBA li qed tigri haga bahal din !!!!! Imma naturalment il-bravu gonizpnu u l-klikka tieghu qatt ma jghidulna xejn fuq dan !!!!
Andrew Spiteri
Someone should tell dear Luaurence that when you are in a hole you should stop digging!!Gonzi's statement of how surprised he was at the vote in parliament, and how terrible the experience was, shows that he is not only out of touch with the citizens he governs, but even with his own team. Serja hafna din Prim! Perhaps he should have visted the kitchens of the 'bicca deputati' first.... !
Nigel Lawrence
OK, so GonziPN's henchmen have condemned the three MP's. So, what are they gonna do about it? Give 'em the sack? Kick 'em out of the party? Can't do it, can you! More blah blah and no action.
Mark Borg
The same old bull form the same old and tired has been!
If Malta depends on one person to negotiate with the EU, than we are in a very sorry state! This is planning and strategy at its best. No wonder we are in such a mess.
Dione Azzopardi
U iva Wenz.. kif kien jgħid ta' qablek ...għaxar miljuni 'l hemm u għaxar miljuni 'l hawn!!! Irmejtu tant miljuni li ħalla l-PL issa qed tinkwieta għal flus!!! il-gvern tiegħek u l-akkolti tal-pn li swew millions lil pajjiz.
George Sultana
At least, Gonzipn admitted having a "terrible experience" on last Monday' vote. So now Gonzipn is one of us having this "terrible experience". During these last 4 years, governed by Gonzipn, we had many terrible experiences, such as receiving high water and electricity bills, and having to pay for higher fuel and gas prices. Many other worker also suffered from these terrible experience. Before election they had received a signed letter by Prim Minister Lawrence Gonzi, promising a bright future for them and their families by having a job guarantee, but soon after winning election they received job resign letter from Gonzipn. The shipyard workers and others, and lately Air Malta workers suffered "terrible experience" when loosing their jobs. So now Dr. Gonzi, don't blame these worker who will not trust pn anymore because they suffered from these terrible experiences.
guido cutajar
Dr. GonziPN......Kull meta imut Papa jilhaq iehor...u fic cimiterju hemm nies midfunin li hasbu li jekk imutu huma tispicca id dinja.Ahjar tara kif qeghed tlablab fil vojt, ghax bi kliemek qeghed tistieden l-inkwiet...jekk mhux hekk qeghedin jissugerulek l-istrategisti tal Partit....back to the 70`s 80`s meta kontu twaddbu il gebla u tahbu idejkhom biex jehlu il laburisti.
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