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Malian migrant was beaten to death, five to be charged with manslaughter

AFM soldiers, Detention Services officers to be charged with manslaughter following death of escaped Malian migrant.

Karl Stagno-Navarra
30 June 2012, 12:00am
Three Armed Forces soldiers and two Detention Services officers are expected to face manslaughter charges in court tomorrow, after police investigations established that a Malian migrant was allegedly brutally beaten to death last night, soon after being involved in an incident with Detention Officers at Safi.

The Malian migrant was found dead inside a Detention Services van as it arrived at the Paola Health Centre at 00:45am. The migrant was found to be cuffed and bent over with visible bruising on his back.

MaltaToday is reliably informed that the AFM soldiers and Detention Services officers who were involved in handling the Malian migrant were confronted this morning with damning evidence from the conclusions of the autopsy which was conducted at Mater Dei Hospital.

Pathologists established that the migrant sustained violent blows to his groin - presumably by a violent kick - while severe internal damage was also found to have been inflicted by severe blows to the migrants lower back.

The five men are being held in custody at the Police Headquarters in Floriana.

Twani Cassar
Qarrej (in response to first comment): The MaltaStar went as far as to change the victim's name to "Abdalla Moħammed", an easily invented Islamesque name in an attempt to influence the opinion of the audience... Zoto's real name was Mamady Camara.
Twani Cassar
Qarrej (in response to first comment): The MaltaStar went as far as to change the victim's name to "Abdalla Moħammed", an easily invented Islamesque name in an attempt to influence the opinion of the audience... Zoto's real name was Mamady Camara.
Claude Caruana
If this case is not investigated properly and legal consequences are not drawn, it will put us at par with Zimbabwe and North Korea when it comes to human rights. For the sake of the country and of what progress has been achieved so far, this incident must be investigated as thoroughly as befits a western democracy.
Alf Galea
If i beat somebody to death, do you call that manslaughter? No, you call that murder.
kurt gauci
5 against 1 mela dan kien xi superman ara vera nies li missna nisthu u vera cowards u biex taxxaqha kien handcuffed ukoll isthu cowards dan bullying
Larry conti
Ghax ma tefahwx go skip.
tony sultana
Thanks to Dr Said it is already making a different,due to the change from Dr Debono.The only way that can save the PN is a change within the party.
Peter Pace Balzan
One guess; another claim of self defense.
Jessica Smith
According to the Detention Services, the immigrant had escaped from the detention centre three years ago and was only found yesterday afternoon when he went to the Floriana medical centre seeking medical assistance. "The immigrant was then escorted to the detention centre in Hal Safi. He however started showing signs of aggressiveness towards the other migrants held at the centre," the Detention Services said. It added that he was once again taken to the Floriana health centre. There an appointment was requested for the man to be examined urgently by a psychiatrist. The appointment was made for this morning. "But on his return to Safi, the migrant became aggressive again to the point that he was going to be attacked by the other migrants. He was taken to the guardroom. He then charged and escaped," it said. The Detention Services however did not clarify whether the Mali managed to escape while he was being escorted to the room or whether he escaped from the room. He was however apprehended a short while later in Safi by the detention officers. According to the statement, the immigrant was aggressive with the officers and attacked them. One of the officers reportedly suffered injuries and was also bit. He sought medical help before being caught. He was aggressive with other illegal immigrants. He was on the run for three years. So how does anyone know that the blows were inflicted by the soldiers and detention officers and not before he sought help? Are the soldiers and detention officers going to be turned into sacrificial lambs? STOP all illegal immigration to Malta and send all illegal immigrants back to their own countries whatever status they have been given. We do not need and want them and the trouble they are causing to our society.
Nigel Lawrence
Five against one? Sounds normal for our brave(sic) custodians of security.
Jessica Smith
According to other media the officers saved him from being attacked by other illegal immigrants and had taken him to the Paola Health Centre for examination as is the standard procedure. Was he attacked before the officers had time to save him from the other illegal immigrants? Malian found dead in detention's security van - 5 being questioned
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