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Email attacks and ‘a destroyed party’ – John Dalli’s words to the PN executive

EU Commissioner and former leadership rival says he declined to issue statement of support for Richard Cachia Caruana when former ambassador asked him to.

Matthew Vella
18 July 2012, 12:00am
European Commissioner John Dalli said he will give Lawrence Gonzi names of party officers who undermined him.
European Commissioner John Dalli said he will give Lawrence Gonzi names of party officers who undermined him.
Lawrence Gonzi's former leadership rival yesterday accused the Nationalist Party's executive committee of having destroyed the party and alienating supporters, in a 25-minute teleconference he gave as part of his testimony on an expulsion charge made against Richard Cachia Caruana.

EU Commissioner John Dalli, a former Nationalist minister in both the Eddie Fenech Adami and Gonzi cabinets, yesterday also revealed he had been the target of "renewed" attacks made against him, and that he would provide the Prime Minister with information on PN and government officials at the source of these alleged attacks.

Talking from Brussels to the full attention of the executive committee, which also groups MPs, Dalli's testimony yesterday - according to Gonzi - did not serve to substantiate any of the allegations of "collusion" that MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando made against party strategist Richard Cachia Caruana.

But as one witness told MaltaToday, Dalli's 'impassioned' speech, which steered clear of direct attacks on executive committee members, was a "hard-hitting and direct" appraisal of the state of the party as infighting threatens Lawrence Gonzi's one-seat majority.

"Dalli said the party was now experiencing attacks that had become 'characteristic' of the last years," the PN source said.

"He said that he knows the origin of anonymous blogs, and also email conversations, which attacked him some time in February when his name was being floated as a possible candidate for the party leadership election in February. He said they originated from the party."

Dalli was said to have read out a string of emails that had come in his possession. "Dalli said the emails were not some lone act, but the work of a 'group working under instructions'."

Dalli also revealed that on Wednesday, 11 July, he was specifically asked by Cachia Caruana to issue a statement in his favour, but that he declined.

He then said that on Thursday, 12 July - the next day - he found that his email domain had been hacked in an attempt at replicating his email traffic, and claimed the hacking originated from an IP address that was directly linked to the group fomenting anonymous attacks on him.

MaltaToday could not establish whether these two observations were linked.

As confirmed by Gonzi yesterday, Dalli will be meeting him, to pass on the names of party officials who he claims passed on information on to the Labour party in a bid to inflict damage upon him.

"Dalli also pointed specifically that while the Prime Minister expressed his distress at the fact that Cachia Caruana still did not know what the accusations made against consisted, it was Gonzi himself who accused Dalli in 2004 on the basis of the fabricated Zahra report," the source told this newspaper.

Dalli was asked to resign as foreign minister in 2004 after a private investigator's report alleging he accepted kickbacks on a government tender, was presented to Lawrence Gonzi. The prime minister had asked Dalli to resign before presenting the report, which proved to be false, to the Commissioner of Police for investigation.

"He said him and his family were vilified and that they were still being discriminated against by unofficial party media," the source told MaltaToday.

Dalli was also reported to have accused the PN's executive of 'destroying the party' and saying that Nationalists did not feel at home inside the PN.

Matthew Vella is executive editor at MaltaToday.
Lino Micallef
Hacking jew hugging ghax nahseb il kumissarju tal Puluzija dak jonqsu jghamel ma GonziPn, ma riedx jidhol fil kaz ta JPO imma jiddandan ma CMB waqt xi parata u dan CMB dam iweghdom li sejrin jiehdu s-sahra kolla u ma nafx x'wedhom izjed u Rizzo beda jintefah sar qisu ballun biex sar buzzieqa ghax meta tnehha CMB, Dr.GONZI minus JPO Government hallih b'xiber imnieher lol. Dak imissu jghamel issa Dr.Gonzi jghati l-lista lil Rizzo ha jiehu passi u mhux ma jiehux anzi suppost kien hemm presenti ha jibda jipprocedi kontra min ghamel atti illlegali, dik vjolenza b'mod pulit li tista teqred moralment, it-tmeninijiet gew abbatini il-lejburisti mal kardinalita li qeda issir illum b'mod distruttiv min attivisti nazzjonalisti.
Janice Sant
Issa gbajna bl-istess erba familji ihawdu u jipprattikaw incest politiku wiehed wara l-iehor, u xejn qisu xejn? Hacking huwa illegali le;? Jaqaw jaqaw il-Kummissarju tal-Pulizija ma jaqrax gazzetti bhalna,ma jafx x'qal John Dalli, il-Kummissarju Ewropew?..... jew mehdi biss joqghod ghassa mac-crieket ta ghasafar ta Dr Adrian Vassallo u cucati ohra?
Paul Borg
min jajd li l-"ACTA" ghawn malta ma dahlitx sejjer zball!! x'demokrazija hi f'dan il pajjiz?!!Ihekjaw kull e-mail tal KUMMISSARJU EWROPEW ahseb u ara tieghi u tighjek!! la fil berah ma tista tiftah halqek illum u lanqas fil mohbi din DITTATURA iktar u iktar meta l pulizija tisma b'dawn l-alegazzjonijiet u tibqa cicci beqqi ma fadalix xejn fiducja f'dan il pajjiz! u niprezentaw ruhna bhala xi pajjiz vergni fi demokrazija !!!!
Yanika Chetcuti
WOW! A stronger condemnation of the current PN leadership and associated acolytes would be hard to come by. This is worse than any Mintoffian thuggery, as it denotes slime, deceit and self interest preservation in copious quantities.
Narcy Calamatta
Tahwid...tahwid ...tahwid...u AKTAR TAHWID...Qatt ma stennejt li partit glorjuz bhal Partit Nazzjonalista jaqa fil BAXX daqshekk.Qiesek qeghed titkellem fuq xi haga tal BIZA.Nemmen bis sahha li ikun ahjar li ikun hemm `split `u jinholoq partit iehor.Dak li hemm bhal issa tal wahx.L`anqas qatt ma niftakar inkwiet serju daqshekk min xi partit politiku.U nerga nistaqsi ...Fejnhom shabi il bloggers nazzjonalisti.Ikolli nghejd ghamlu bhaz zringijiet marru jorqdu raqda twila. Malajr tawkhom risposta il kapurjuni nazzjonalisti li tant ghandkhom ghal qalbkhom...Issa sur Giovann..ghejdli kemm ghandi zbalji fil kitba...u jien nghejdlek kemm ghamlu zbalji tan naha tal gvern.L-ewwel wahda WAQQAJTU LIL MALTA GHAR REDIKOLU...mad Dinja kollha.
emmanuel grech
Looks like the next episode of the GonziPN never-ending saga will feature John Dalli and the mysterious party clique. Be careful mr Dalli or you'll end up (once again) the next victim in the PN's Kangaroo Court. You should know by now that nothing will be allowed to stand in the clique's way to gain more and more power within the PN.
delia alfred
"Dalli also revealed that on Wednesday, 11 July, he was specifically asked by Cachia Caruana to issue a statement in his favour..." which probably means that others were asked to do the same. It would be interesting to know who was asked to make statements in favour of RCC and who accepted and those who refused.
Lino Micallef
So powerful this clique is. In other words, it can even hack emails. Gosh! we are all being watched, this is not Democracy, what we are experiencing now shows that 1981 to 1987 all Labour malice where a bunch of altar boys compared to today's malice which qualifies the clique as all cardinals(example). This is outrageous.
Alfred Vanhear
Name the perpetrators. Honorable Dalli's words most disturbing. If RCC was innocent and had nothing to hide why ask Hon Dalli to issue a statement in his favour?
Carmanton Cachia
Seems to me that another epic, telenovella or whatever will start to unravel.
simon lia
Janice Sant
I bet that the organized group working under instructions was headed by the creepy sahhara of Bidnija. Perhaps we should be told whether this organized 'anonymous' group is part of GonziPN or not, and if this group tried illicit means to get access( hacking) to personal data, then the police should be brought in without and investigate how things really stand without any political interference.