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Updated | President, in Peru, will not be involved in political crisis

Office of the President says it is not the President’s job to intervene in 'circumstances happening outside Parliament’. Franco Debono insists he should

Miriam Dalli
20 July 2012, 12:00am
President George Abela, currently in Peru
In a short statement issued through the Department of Information, the Office of the President said that President George Abela would not be involved in the political crisis.

"Whether government enjoys or not the support of the majority in parliament does not form part of the President's job. It is something which is determined in parliament," it said.

The President's Office added that "circumstances that take place outside Parliament do not fall under the President's constitutional portfolio".

Last Saturday, MaltaToday sent a request to the Office of the President to comment on the fact that during that weekend, MPs Franco Debono and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando had told MaltaToday that the President would be "justified" in calling the Prime Minister to see whether he enjoys parliament's majority.

No reply was forthcoming.

In fresh comments to MaltaToday, Debono has insisted that the President, according to the Constitution of Malta, should in fact get involved in the issue.

"Section 87 of the Constitution makes it clear that the Prime Minister should keep the President fully informed over the general conduct of the government and shall furnish the President with such information as he may request with respect to any particular matter relating the government," he said.

Debono added that it is clear from the constitution that President Abela is justified and is duty-bound to get involved.

Earlier today, MaltaToday sent another request to confirm whether the President  - who is currently away in Peru on voluntary work - has been informed of the latest political developments and whether he had been in telephone contact with the Prime Minister.

The President's spokesperson however later on redirected us to the statement issued through the DOI.

The "circumstances happening outside Parliament" which the statement was referring to was Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando's decision to resign from the Nationalist Party and form a 'coalition' with Lawrence Gonzi to see that the PN completes its electoral programme.

In his resignation letter to the Prime Minister, Pullicino Orlando also insisted that "Given the circumstances, I expect to be consulted by you should any measure which is not specifically mentioned in the electoral programme require my support in Parliament."  


Miriam Dalli graduated in communications studies from the University of ...
Tajba din. Mela ghandna President biex jigbor il-flus ghal Community Chest Fund. Jekk tiktiblu l-anqas acknowledgment ma tircievi, Immur il misjoni fil-Peru li hi haga tajba izda mux meta hawn kriezi bhal din, u ma jindahalx fejn il gvern tilef il-maggoranza u qieghed immexxi biss jekk jitlob bil-hniena lil JPO biex jivvota mieghi. Sur President inbidlet il-Format tal Gvern. Immiessek diga qieghed go dahrek biex tipprova tirranga s-sitwazzjoni
Anthony Azzopardi
So SLICK GEORGE has run away to Peru not wanting to get involved in parliamentary politics. When he returns from his Peruvian adventure someone ought to remind him that the Maltese people pay his salary and future pension and not the Peruvians. Why is it that every appointed politician tend to throw caution to the wind when they get to the final term of their appointment? Unfortunately this is the same legal mind that wants to re-write the constitution? You would think that amending the constitution starts by be accountable to your position and amking sure the one that exists is not abused. How utterly shameful and disgusting to have these people represent this small island.
I had a very high opinion of Dr Abela but in the last month I must say that I lost all confidence in him. First of all this missionary work in Peru should have never happened,even if there was no political crisis. I always believed that charity begins at home.This political crisis has been going on since last Novemeber and the office of the President has been numb throughout all these months, if this is the right way that the Maltese President should act in these circumstances than we dont really need a President anymore,the Office of the President should be scraped and another alternative found.
Paul Schembri
victor zarb
mela he ran off when sant government was in crisis in 1998, isssa someone told him that peru needs him? u hallina! CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME! LETS FACE THE FACTS.
Mhux bic cajt, qed nisthajjilni li qeghdin fi zmien ta meta Malta inbieghet ghal 30,000 fjorin. Hekk jonqsu jaghmel gonzipn, insomma mhux f daqqa bicca, bicca. Mhux hekk qed jaghmel ?? Kollox bis SALE..
Just Ray
Dear President, GonziPN was given the Governance because the count of the first count votes exceeded that of Labour by 1500. Now that JPO has declared that he is independent and free from collaborating with the PN It means that the 2000 or so JPO got do not belong to the PN any longer. So now we have the situation were we have a Government with a minority of vote and in Government. Could you please come home and do your job and DISSOLVE parliament and call a general election? Unless of course you do not remember the EFA saga of the 80's! we want a Government and not DICTATORSHIP!
George Borg
issa dejqek il-gvern bla maggoranza? Le ghal Malta komunista tat-trattati nord koreani sigrieti. Le ghal malta xellugija socjalista multi kulturali kif iriduna l-hippies komunisti. Viva Malta Ewropea. Il- Lemin u l- Liberta` l-ewwel u qabel kollox.Demmna ncarcru ghal-Liberta`. Battalja eterna lil min ried jisirqilna l-Liberta`.
Alfred Falzon
The President's Office added that "circumstances that take place outside Parliament do not fall under the President's constitutional portfolio". Will the office of the President pls quote which part of the Constitution or the President's manual does it say that the head of state should embark on missionary work beyond our shores?
guido cutajar
Hekk sew kullhadd iffarfar min fuq spallejh...Il Kostituzzjoni ?....Ara biex fqajniha ghax accettajna vapuri u ajruplani tal gwerra U FI GWERRA ta pajjizi ohra , hekk ma jimpurtax imma hawn gvern dittatorjali ...hemmhekk ma nindahlux..
Well then our gracious president can remain in Peru and never return to Malta if he considers that he ought not call whoever should be leading the country to see what the duce is going on. We may just as well do away with the office and go for a US or French style of governance. Should be more economical as well.
Paul Schembri
Paul Schembri
Sur President tista tajt lil poplu malti ghalfejn qijad hem
gordon scicluna
Sur President, mhux ahjar tigi naqra sa dahrek u tara x tista thammel hawn? Jew tant qtajt qalbek minn dal-gvern li eleggiek li qed tisthi tkun aktar il-President.
Nigel Lawrence
For "President, in Peru, will not be involved in political crisis", read "Don't want to bugger up my holiday plans"
Ramon Casha
Give them time! Do you know how long it takes a message to get through by llama?
Only in Malta. Ghandna krizi u gvern bla maggoranza u qieghed jiggverna u l -president imur ghal-missjoni. Mhux kontra li xi hadd imur ghal- missjoni imma charity begins at home
Basil Borg
If the Parliament has been moribund and running on artificial machines, since January, it is not the President that has to move things, but the PN who is living in a parallel world of its own, clinging to power all costs: Malta is GonziPN and GonziPN is Malta ! A veritable disgrace! Europeans my foot!
Kalanc Qasamula
Dan l-istess wiehed li xtaq li l-president ikollu aktar power? Kienu jaqtghu sandar tal-Labour li ghazlu lilu flok lil Muscat. X'ironija, Alfred Sant u JPO biss ivvutaw kontrih.
Anthony Busuttil
Huwa vera li l-gvern tilef il maggoranza. Il President kull ma jista jghamel jibghat lill PM igib vot ta fiducja mill parlament. JPOS qall li se jappogja lill Gvern. F'kelma wahda ma jista jsir xejn hlif nistennew. GonziPN ma jiflahx jitnmejjel lill poplu. Alfred Sant kien il gentlom li ghal gid ta Malta ceda siggu u mar ghal elezzjoni li wisq propabli kien jaf li se jitlef. Gonzi dahaq bil poplu u kull minuta qed jumiljah u jghidlu
JPO resigned from the Parliamentary Group too...meaning that the Composition of the Party in Government is different from what the People of Malta elected. In other words, the Govt has lost its legitimate majority and therefore has weakened its state of governance. This WILL affect the workings within Parliament. Mr President, Charity starts at home!
m borg
Does this make sense? Never heard any president playing mother Theresa. Although the gesture is noble it is not the proper time I believe George has slipped up this time.
Anthony Azzopardi
Do the Maltese people have a right to be disgusted by the actions of their politicians? There is a situation in Malta where the Gonzi administration has lost its popular vote majority claim according to its lame constitution that awarded it 4 extra MP seats and therefore must concede those 4 seats back to hold only 31 seats. The Opposition has legally won 34 seats. Gonzipn also lost its majority of 35 MP seats in parliament by losing JPO through resignation, with a possibility of losing Jesmond & Franco seats as well. Franco Debono already declared that he will not support the Gonzi administration as long as self-appointed warlord Gatt is still in the cabinet. Now you have the President’s office declaring that,” it is not the President’s job to intervene in circumstances, happening outside Parliament”. Here is the President appointed to guard against abuse of the Maltese Constitution and declaring that Parliamentary seats and the majority in Parliament are outside of his jurisdiction, because as far as his office is concerned these political fiascos are outside the parliamentary realm and one begins to get that squeeze feeling that the President is trying to avoid making a political decision that goes against an administration that appointed him for services rendered. Only in Malta can one describe its politicians as knights of grand valor as long as the political battles are manipulative, but once the moorings of public opinion start to shift and question the legality of this so called Maltese democracy, they flee on their high horse with their tail between their legs. How else can you explain that volunteer work in Peru is more important than the Constitutional rights of the People of Malta?
Then what do we have a President and all his entourage for? Ribbon cutting and wall-sitting? Malta is a real mess. The only decent species we produce are lazy-bone employees, money-grabbing bloodsuckers and power-mad primadonnas.
L-Imqareb .
Tajjeb ukoll! Il-President irrid nibda nivvota ghalih jien, halli meta ikun hemm bzonn dan jindahal ghaliex inkun tajtu il-fakulta jien bhala cittadin.
guido cutajar
Ta min jistaqsi` MELA GHAWN POLITICAL CRISIS `? Ghax skond l-gharef li qeghed jissemma li ser jikkontesta lil GonziPN ghal leadership tal PN, Dr. Beppe Fenech fil parlament( naha tal gvern ) u l-anqas fil partit nazzjonalista ma hemm xi krizi.Kollox fuq ir rubini mixi.