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New KSU board meets Prime Minister, Education Minister

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi says University Students’ Council input into the Education Bill had been important

Miriam Dalli
30 July 2012, 12:00am
KSU meeting Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Education Minister Dolores Cristina
The new board of the University Students' Council (KSU) this afternoon met with Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Education Minister Dolores Cristina at Castille.

Welcoming the council, Gonzi said that it was important for students to involve themselves in what goes on in society.

"I welcome the fact that the KSU not only voices its concerns on issues that are directly related to the university, but broadens its involvement to what goes in the different sectors of society," Gonzi said.

The Prime Minister also said that KSU's input in the drafting of the Education Bill had been very important.

"In fact, we have taken onboard many of the suggestions brought forward by the council to draft such an important law which will open a new chapter in Malta's education system," he said.

Gonzi added that government was not only committed to see more students furthering their studies at tertiary levels but also to see that once graduated, students would be prepared to work.

He added that government was also working hard to make sure that students would find a job in the area they specialised.

On his part, KSU President Mario Cachia thanked Gonzi and Cristina for giving KSU the opportunity to have a say in the drafting of the Bill.

"There were several issues which we have long been insisting about and which have now been taken onboard," Cachia said.

Miriam Dalli graduated in communications studies from the University of ...
Basil Borg
Did these student.s representatives ask the Education Minister whether the studies and the sacrifices to get qualifications are worth anything at all under GonziPN? Its not what you know, but whom you know under GonziPN? Tal-misthija!
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