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Libyans top list of non-EU nationals in Malta
National 04-12

A total of 3,622 Libyan nationals are registered as residents, closely followed by Serbians and no North Korea...
Coleiro Preca could run for MEP after President’s term ends in 2019
National 04-12

President of the Republic has told acquaintances that she could return to politics in 2019 with a candidature ...
Tangentopoli prosecutor Di Pietro: Daphne’s murder was no petty crime, an organisation is behind it
National 03-12

Former Italian MP Antonio di Pietro: Malta is not a mafia state, but like in Italy there are mafia components
Corpse found in the sea in Anchor Bay lifted by helicopter
National 03-12

Police say the male corpse is yet to be identified
Joseph Muscat: Business, jobs in Malta set for further growth
National 03-12

MEP delegation had made its mind up on Malta before it had even come here, Muscat maintained
Police still nowhere close to solving Daphne's murder, Delia claims
National 03-12

Opposition leader Adrian Delia says that 31 years after the murder of Raymond Caruana, the country had once ag...
EU's 'nuclear' plan on tax veto crosses Malta red line
National 03-12

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna says Maltese parliament will have to object to European Commission plans to r...
Update 2 | Casa says he has damning FIAU report on Konrad Mizzi and money laundering allegations
National 02-12

Nationalist MEP David Casa says he has full FIAU report calling for criminal investigations on minister K...
Owen Bonnici and AG Peter Grech meet Di Pietro behind closed doors
National 02-12

Former anti-corruption prosecutor and politician Antonio Di Pietro will tomorrow address a demonstration organ...
Delia: why is Muscat afraid to remove police commissioner, what would be revealed?
National 02-12

Addressing PN local councillors, Delia said PN decentralised power, while the government is taking it back for...
Air Malta posts €13 million loss, will hive off Heathrow, Gatwick slots in new state company
National 02-12

Hiving-off of precious UK airport slots will allow Air Malta to raise funds through shares now that it can no ...
Attard road expansion will create more problems, Alternattiva Demokratika says
National 02-12

The new road in Attard will increase traffic rather than solve the problem, AD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo sa...
MEP calls for protection for Ferris, activists prepare for Valletta demonstration
National 02-12

German MEP Sven Giegold said former FIAU official Jonathan Ferris should be granted whistleblower protect...
More recruitment for disciplined corps, including police and soldiers
National 02-12

Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia said that big reforms will take place in Malta's prisons, police co...
Minister’s email correspondence to Ferris was request for update on fraud investigation
National 02-12

Email correspondence sacked FIAU official claims was ‘ministerial interference’ was request for in...