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Criminologist says ‘top-tier’ underworld mastermind could be behind assassination
National 31-10

'The decision to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia was definitely not a spur of the moment impulse and was certa...
[WATCH] Is Halloween in Malta really ‘more popular than carnival’?
National 31-10

In the last six years, Halloween's popularity has blown up in Malta... but is it really more popular than ...
Missing woman found in Kalkara cave
National 30-10

According to the police, she had been reported missing last Friday
Muscat tells Opposition to find one country that appoints police chief with two-thirds of the House
National 30-10

As the House debated Malta's institutions, the Prime Minister said that calls for the Police Commissioner ...
[WATCH] Occupy Justice hold demonstration outside Parliament ahead of debate on country’s institutions
National 30-10

The activists planned to hand Prime Minister Joseph Muscat a copy of an email they sent him asking for a meeti...
Anthony Buttigieg is new Democratic Party leader
National 30-10

Medical doctor Anthony Buttigieg replaces Marlene Farrugia as PD leader after the other candidate withdraws fr...
Customs seize tobacco products from Msida Bar
National 30-10

The haul included six brands of cigarettes and a over three kilos of shisha tobacco
Magistrate accepts Institute of Maltese Journalists’ application to protect Caruana Galizia’s sources
National 30-10

The application was filed three days after the journalist’s assassination
Teachers start following industrial action directives
National 30-10

All educators in State and church schools this morning started following the first batch of directives issued ...
Update 2 | Adrian Delia's chosen: Block vote for PN executive election
National 30-10

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia tries to strengthen his grip on the party as supporters organise a block...
Italian authorities tapped Darren Debono's phone for two years before arrest
National 30-10

As news of the fuel smuggling operation emerged, interceptions by the investigators show a growing appreh...
Minister’s aide to be charged with extortion over FTS contracts
National 30-10

It has taken the police 11 months to press charges against Caruana, after MaltaToday first reported in Novembe...
[WATCH] Second national demonstration in honour of killed journalist
National 29-10

The Civil Society Network reiterated its demand for the Attorney General and Police Commissioner to resign, as...
Caruana Galizia’s sister to Delia: ‘You denigrated Daphne in her lifetime. Do not exploit her in death’
National 29-10

The late journalist’s sister has rejected an apology from Adrian Delia over comments about Caruana Galiz...
Occupy Justice expresses disappointment at Prime Minister’s remarks
National 29-10

The group of activists said they were dismayed to hear Joseph Muscat state in a public forum that he would be ...