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Cold weather alert as temperatures expected to drop in coming days
National 28-11

Keep rooms warm, draw curtains, wear clothing in layers, eat well and keep mobile, health directorate advises
Up to €10,000 to be given to restaurants to bring foreign chefs to improve their outlets
National 28-11

Tax credit scheme will enable restaurants to bring foreign talent to Malta to upgrade menus, train staff
Labour MP Robert Abela gets Air Malta legal brief
National 28-11

Labour MP Robert Abela was appointed by the national airline following a public request for quotations, and ad...
Libyan minister Gatrani: ‘No objection’ was not endorsement of smuggler Ben Khalifa
National 28-11

A letter from Ali Gatrani, a member of the Libyan Presidency Council, certified the company of known fuel smug...
New press laws worthless in ‘climate of fear, threats and insults’ - Simon Busuttil
National 27-11

The former PN leader said in parliament that the newly-proposed press law was good on paper, but did not refle...
Addition of fourth Malta-Gozo ferry on the cards
National 27-11

Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana said the move was being considered in light of increased crossing between the tw...
Updated | Partit Demokratiku MPs told to discuss issues regarding time allocation with Opposition whip
National 27-11

Speaker Anglu Farrugia said however that in the event of a request by PD MPs, they would see to it that they w...
Ministers deny interfering in police investigations
National 27-11

They were responding, in parliament, to allegations of interference made by former FIAU investigator Jonathan ...
Laws to be updated with harsher penalties for uprooting trees
National 27-11

A total of 17 new species of trees will be added to the list of protected trees in the updated Trees and Woodl...
[WATCH] Voluntary organisations to have free access to Protection of Minors Register
National 27-11

They will now be able to determine whether prospective employees are on the register without having to pay the...
Police consider fuel smuggling link to lawyer arson attack
National 27-11

The lawyer in question filed a case in which she is contesting an agreement hammered out between various indiv...
Independent school teachers mull move to better-paying state schools
National 27-11

Concerned independent school teachers said many of their colleagues were considering transferring to a state o...
German federal police will pass on Panama Papers data to Malta, PN demands inquiry
National 26-11

The Nationalist Party has called for an independent inquiry led by three retired judges into the Panama Papers...
Sacked FIAU official investigated money laundering breach by Malta PEPs
National 26-11

Jonathan Ferris: “Whether they’re guilty or not is up to a court to decide [but] how can repo...
State obliged to protect persons at risk of attack – Civil Society Network
National 26-11

The NGO said it was demanding that Maltese authorities provide all necessary protection to with information or...