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Updated | 21 kilograms of smuggled water-pipe tobacco seized by Customs
National 26-10

A Libyan passenger was stopped at the airport, when he was found in possession of a large amount of water...
Adrian Delia netted €153,000 in professional fees in 2016
National 26-10

The PN's new leader Adrian Delia is facing a shortfall of €100,000 with his salary as Opposition lead...
Marlene Farrugia: the Prime Minister is ultimately politically responsible for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder
National 25-10

Opposition MPs continue emphasising Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder and its repercussions in their budge...
From 400,000 to 3 million: the future of Malta's population
National 25-10

With a growing economy and an aging population, Malta is facing a shortage of workers. The only band-aid solut...
Citizenship sale 'is not about the cash', PM tells Dubai audience
National 25-10

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder was 'an exceptional circumstance'...
Adrian Delia must call a vote of confidence in his leadership - Marlene Farrugia
National 25-10

With the Opposition leader facing a rebellion in his parliamentary group, the outgoing Democratic Party leader...
The killing fields: Three decades of journalists killed on duty
National 25-10

Whether murdered or caught in the crossfire, hundreds of journalists were killed in Europe over the past three...
Updated | Teachers in state, church schools on strike on 8 November
National 25-10

Malta Union of Teachers to issue 50 directives to state and church schools, MCAST and ITS, together with strik...
Malta’s attractiveness slips, EY survey finds
National 25-10

Businesspeople at EY conference being held in the shadow of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder get mixed pi...
Introspection needed, Muscat tells business in wake of Caruana Galizia murder
National 25-10

In a pre-recorded message to EY conference while he is in Dubai plugging the sale of passports scheme, Prime M...
Economy under threat after journalist's murder, Delia tells business delegates
National 25-10

Opposition leader Adrian Delia tells the annual EY conference meeting in Malta that 'the elephant in the r...
PN condemns Joseph Muscat’s Dubai visit
National 25-10

The Nationalist Party condemn Muscat's visit to Dubai, accusing him of adopting a 'business as usual&#...
[WATCH] Updated | Delia could face no confidence vote in PN parliamentary group
National 25-10

Rebel Nationalist Party MPs may call for a no confidence vote in Adrian Delia, which could trigger a change in...
Journalist's murder is flashback of the violent 1980s - Beppe Fenech Adami
National 24-10

In an impassioned parliamentary speech, Fenech Adami says Prime Minister's pledge to leave no stone unturn...
PN’s David Thake resigns as vice mayor, cites views on Delia’s suitability as Opposition leader
National 24-10

David Thake, one of Radio 101's most popular presenters, said he felt his position as vice mayor of St Pau...