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Updated | Civil liberties minister pledges equality in pride march

Minister Helena Dalli says nobody should be discriminated over race, sex or sexual orientation.

22 June 2013, 12:00am

Report by Jean Pierre Cassar

Civil liberties minister Helena Dalli said the first 100 days of the Labour government were charecterised by landmark decisions granting further liberties to LGBTI persons.

Citing the change in the civil code granting the right to marry to transexuals and the consultative council entrusted with drafting a civil union bill, she said: "These are a symbol of the government's first 100 days."

Dalli also welcomed the Nationalist Party's proposal to amend the Constitution and grant protection to all citizens irrispective of their sexual orientation.

Describing the proposal as a "huge sigh of relief," Dalli welcomed the fact that the two parties in Parliament are in agreement on the need to protect the rights of LGBTI persons.

The march was attended by a number of politicians from accross the political spectrum with PN deputy leader Mario de Marco and MP Claudette Buttigieg representing the Opposition and AD deputy Chairpersons Carmel Cacopardo, secretary-general Ralph Cassar and Angele Deguara represeneted the Green Party.

Labour candidate and gay-activist Cyrus Engerer said that the civil liberties consultative council was also working on a proposal to LGBTI persons to donate blood.

For the first time ever the Gay Pride events were sponsored by government. The event was also sponsored by the Dutch embassy in Malta.

I wonder if MEP David Casa attended gay pride march. He had a habit of frequenting gay clubs in Brussels.
I wonder if MEP David Casa attended gay pride march. He had a habit of frequenting gay clubs in Brussels.
Joseph Borg
Has the minister ever considered medical research into sexual orientation medical condition ??
O.K. my dear Minister, if to strengthen your argument you so fit and it is so, you claim that now N.P. is agreeing too. Let us as a supposed Democratic country put it to a vote. Maybe, just maybe we can add new proposals to become laws, for others who have more weird approach to sex, of course these we put in jail rather treat them for their odd urges. Of course once the politicians speak they know what is good for us.