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Delia’s co-option rebuffs: Bartolo offered paid role, Aquilina denies rumour of compensation
National 20-09

Nationalist MP Karol Aquilina has denied rumours that he demanded secretary-general post and financial compens...
Marsa and its migrants: ‘Without a proper solution, they are not going anywhere’
National 20-09

A problem of our own making: without a proper integration policy that puts unemployed Africans into jobs, the ...
Back to school traffic: tow trucks on standby, increased enforcement
National 20-09

School season is almost upon us and 'traffic jams' are a cause for concern. How is the situation being...
Accidental overdose suspected in Gozo teen’s untimely death
National 20-09

In an on-going investigation, the sudden death of 15-year-old Jessica Zahra shocked the Gozitan community, ami...
Delia criticises government on its threat to ‘break industrial law’ on Air Malta
National 19-09

The new PN leader also criticised the Prime Minister for ‘choosing the go abroad’ during the count...
PN’s coalition partner ready to take up place on waste committee
National 19-09

Whilst the PN has so far turned down a government invitation on a waste management committee, the PD has stepp...
Police action in Marsa ‘not just about African nationals’, Minister insists
National 19-09

Michael Farrugia rejects accusations that the police force was engaging in acts of racial profiling, insisting...
Government launches training program for prison inmates
National 19-09

The €1 million project will be funded through the European Social Fund and will aim to give inmates train...
[WATCH] Sliema roof caves in after crane drops bricks, no injuries reported
National 19-09

Luck escape for 51-year-old woman who was lying in bed listening to the radio when pieces of bricks landed rig...
Another door closes on PN leader Adrian Delia’s bid to take up a seat in the House
National 19-09

The former Mosta mayor and now Nationalist MP, Ivan Bartolo, refused to resign his seat during a meeting held ...
Valletta local council to move into Café Premier by year’s end
National 19-09

Restoration works underway at the iconic site of Café Premier, controversially expropriated in 2014
Kappara Project: bicycle NGO says ‘it’s time to be politically brave’
National 19-09

The Bicycle Advocacy Group welcome the Kappara project, but put forth requests, in order to make life easier f...
[WATCH] Air Malta hives off ground handling operations
National 19-09

A new government company has been set up to take control of ground handling operations, servicing Air Malta an...
Cabin crew union members quit over ‘unacceptable unilateral behaviour’
National 19-09

The committee members who resigned said they were resigning because they did not wish for decisions taken with...
Adrian Delia makes case for modernisation of Nationalist Party media
National 18-09

The new PN leader said that a one-size-fits-all type of media was no longer effective, insisting that tod...