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Children's allowance to be given in mid-December

Changes made to families who originally received the allowance once a year.

Staff Reporter
2 October 2013, 12:00am

Family Minister Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca announced that families that receive Children’s Allowance once a year would now be receiving this benefit every three months.

The change will see families receive the upcoming benefit in mid-December instead of the first week of January. This was intended to financially support the families in this festive season.

Every family with children under-16 will now receive their payments in December, March, June and September.

In a statement, the ministry said that around 40,000 families will benefit from the changes made. 

Anthony Demanuele
Why should we all have to contribute to people having children?If people want children then they should be able to afford them and not expect hand-outs from other taxpayers to support and subsidise their life-style choices.
alfred zarb
So instead of a lump sum in January the sum will be spread acxross the whole year!! great reform!!!!!
A Abela
Keep on delivering Marie-Louise ......... Simon is simply out of breath trying to catch up with you and the fresh initiatives coming out from your ministry ...... would be better for the Nationalist party if Simon was to do a 'jump-out' rather than a 'walk-out' !!!!