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MaltaToday report on Adrian Delia’s business interests provokes livid reaction
National 08-08

Business interests are sore point for PN candidate offering a ‘new way’
[WATCH] Galdes on social housing: 'Not in my backyard mentality must stop'
National 08-08

The parliamentary secretary for social accommodation was visiting a project that will see the construction of ...
Marginal decrease of non-fatal workplace accidents in first half of 2017
National 08-08

Number of non-fatal accidents at work fell by 1.2% in the first half of 2017, while one fatal accident at work...
€5 million to go towards Marsa-Ħamrun bypass widening project
National 08-08

In a bid to ease traffic congestion around the Marsa and Ħamrun area, a call for tenders for the widenin...
Adrian Delia is business partner with Busuttil’s ex-brother in law
National 08-08

The PN’s leadership candidate Adrian Delia is not simply a litigation lawyer, but has involved himself i...
Gozo bus driver pictured 'assaulting passenger' suspended
National 07-08

Malta Public Transport confirms that passengers shown in the photo were trying to break up the fight
Labour ramps up efforts to attract women to LEAD programme through Facebook Q&A
National 07-08

MEP Miriam Dalli, who is overseeing the programme, said ministers Evarist Bartolo and Helena Dalli were the fi...
Updated | Italy refuses entry to migrant rescue vessel left stranded off Malta
National 07-08

A Transport Malta vessel has been dispatched to pick up those crew members aboard the ship with tickets for fl...
Chris Said invites other PN leadership contenders to joint social activity
National 07-08

After sitting down for coffee together, PN leadership hopeful Chris Said now wants the four candidates to orga...
[WATCH] Curia, Archdiocese register surplus in 2016 despite higher expenses
National 07-08

The archbishop’s curia registered a surplus of €752,000, while the Maltese archdiocese’s surp...
Perici Calascione proposes update of documents outlining PN’s values
National 07-08

PN leadership candidate Alex Perici Calascione says PN’s ‘Fehmiet Bażiċi’ and ‘L-Għ...
Buddies Joseph and Tony reunite following election endorsement
National 07-08

Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie, met Joseph and Michelle Muscat following a day of sightseeing in Valletta and...
More air passengers caught attempting to smuggle cigarettes into Malta
National 07-08

Over the weekend and early Monday morning, Customs officials seized over 30,940 contraband cigarettes
Cycling NGO advises cyclists to pack light and seek flatter routes during heatwave
National 07-08

The Bicycling Advocacy Group has issued a list of recommendations for cyclists, including travelling lighter a...
Pilots blame lack of flights on lower flying hours
National 07-08

Air Malta pilots union says it has not accepted a 5% salary increase in exchange for flying 75 hours a month