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AD say citizenship sale must have bipartisan approval

Greens call for compromise on citizenship scheme, call for suspension of IIP

23 January 2014, 12:00am
Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for justice and citizenship, has told Malta that the sale of citizenship goes against European values.
Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for justice and citizenship, has told Malta that the sale of citizenship goes against European values.
Alternattiva Demokratika has expressed "cautious worry" about the turn the debate on citizenship has taken after the European Commission threatened to take legal action against Malta.

"We welcome the fact that the Prime Minister has said that he is going to listen to what the EU Commission has to say and to proceed from there. We also welcome the fact that the Commission does not intend to give Malta any formal notice on the issue for the moment," AD chairperson Prof. Arnold Cassola, said.

"This notwithstanding, we are concerned at the dragging on of this issue which certainly does not enhance our country's reputation abroad. There are only two ways to this: either achieve a bipartisan consensus on a viable investment scheme, or otherwise taking the issue to the people to vote on the issue in a referendum on 24 May."

AD deputy chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said the sale of Maltese citizenship was not part of the Labour's electoral proposal, and called for a solution that produces a suitable compromise.

"Majorities in seats and voters cannot be bandied around in such a sensitive debate, especially in the light of the European and international backlash against the scheme. It is in the interest of all that an agreement is reached as quickly as possible. We therefore ask the government to suspend momentarily the scheme and we look forward to a mature debate in parliament on the legal notices attached to the IIP scheme."

Tajba din allura meta in-Nazzjonalisti kellhom nofs kwota maggoranza u rromblaw minn fuq rasna tal-AD fejn kienu? Il-PL ghandu 9 siggijiet maggoranza u hu l-gvern ta' pajjizna u ghaldaqstant ghand jghamel dak li ghandu jghamel ha nimxu ghax xbajna bil-hela ta' zmien u tfixkiel! Hemm hafna inizzjattivi qed jistennew li jibdew mela mexxi Joseph ha nirrankaw.
delia alfred
Unfortunately when you have someone whose policy is negativity a bipartisan consensus is next to impossible.
roderick degiorgio
Mr Cacopardo.The Government have already a very powerful vote of confidence.So he can stop dragging.
Vivien Reding can say whatever she wants because she has no say in what we do for the interests of our country. As for the Greens, since when is bipartisan agreement required for the government to govern? It is the GOVERNMENT that GOVERNS NOT the Opposition.
Yanika Chetcuti
Would AD say the same for gay adoptions and marriages? Before AD goes ballistic, my question has nothing to do with my preferences, but is none the less valid.
Ad forget this idea to recommend a Referendum. What about the PL doing a referendum from now on instead using Parliament.
Antonio Pace
Carmel Cacopardo should know that the electoral program does not and cannot contain everything the government will do and need to do in its term of office. If the Greens do not know that, it is no wonder that they have not managed to secure a seat in parliament.
Antonio Pace
Why the hell should changes to citizenship require bipartisan support. Labour was elected to govern. Not the PN. Not the Greens. Get real!